Welcome Back, Carter


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In the opening episode of ER's second season, Carter (Noah Wyle) gets off to a bad start on his first day as new surgical sub-intern by showing up extremely late and woefully unprepared. Also on hand is new third-year student Harper Tracy (Christine Elise), who endures an ordeal by fire thanks to a psychotic patient -- and who catches the eye of the still-unattached Carter. Elsewhere, Greene (Anthony Edwards) ruffles more than a few feathers with his choice of new chief resident: the contentious and highly irritating Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes). With this episode, William H. Macy returns in the role of ER chief Dr. David Morganstern.


Anthony Edwards
as Mark Greene
George Clooney
as Douglas Ross
Sherry Stringfield
as Susan Lewis
Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton
Julianna Margulies
as Carol Hathaway
Noah Wyle
as John Carter
Laura Innes
as Kerry Weaver
William H. Macy
as David Morgenstern
Amy Aquino
as Dr. Janet Coburn
Tim De Zarn
as Mr. Krawczyk
Penny Fuller
as Manic Woman
Mary Mara
as Loretta Sweet
Christine Elise
as Harper Tracy
David Spielberg
as Dr. Neil Bernstein
Taylor Young
as Dr. Jane Pratt
Colin Martin
as Jimmy's Brother
Howard George
as Mr. Kuzner
Maria C. Hurtado
as Pregnant Woman
James Keane
as Workman
Jesse Littlejohn
as Noah Krawczyk
Mark del Castillo Morante
as Hispanic Screamer
Julius Tennon
as Uniform Cop
Noah Verduzco
as Gang Kid at Bus
Julio Dolce Vita
as Gang Shooter
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