The Dance We Do


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Maggie's emotional instability worsens. She refuses her medication, becomes combative and flees the hospital. Abby finds solace with Kovac. The gang member girlfriend of Benton's deceased nephew knows who killed the dead boy who was hated for his antigang stance. Corday undergoes questioning in a malpractice suit and lies under oath to hide her error. Greene finds out that his brain tumor is malignant and inoperable, giving him eight weeks to live. He is forced to reveal his devastating news to Corday.


Anthony Edwards
as Mark Greene
Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton
Noah Wyle
as John Carter
Laura Innes
as Kerry Weaver
Alex Kingston
as Elizabeth Corday
Maura Tierney
as Abby Lockhart
Ming-Na Wen
as Deb Chen
Paul McCrane
as Robert Romano
Goran Visnjic
as Luka Kovac
Erik Palladino
as Dave Malucci
Alan Dale
as Al Patterson
Toy Connor
as Kynesha
Joe Basile
as Off. Tom Bennini
Elizabeth Mitchell
as Dr. Kim Legaspi
Mark D. Hutter
as Mark's Doc
Matt Craven
as Gordon Price
Alan Braxton
as Det. Miles
Claudine Claudio
as Paramedic Silva
Sid Conrad
as Dosier
Cynthia Frost
as Mrs. Fruhman
Stuart McLean
as Radiology Tech
Kurt Naebig
as Paramedic
Michael Shay
as Court Reporter
Janelle Snow
as Doherty
Robert Vestal
as Room Service Attendant
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