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For the emergency room personnel and doctors of Chicago's County General Hospital, the difference between life and death often depends on split-second decisions. The staff of heroic healers includes Chief Resident John Carter (series star NOAH WYLE), Chief of Emergency Medicine Kerry Weaver (series star LAURA INNES), Dr. Elizabeth Corday (series star ALEX KINGSTON), Dr. Robert Romano (series star PAUL McCRANE), Attending Physician Dr. Luka Kovac (series star GORAN VISNJIC), nurse Abby Lockhart (series star MAURA TIERNEY), Dr. Susan Lewis (series star SHERRY STRINGFIELD), Attending Physician Dr. Jing-Mei Chen (series star MING-NA), fourth-year medical student Michael Gallant (series star SHARIF ATKINS) and intern Dr. Gregory Pratt (series star MEKHI PHIFER).


Noah Wyle
as John Carter
Mekhi Phifer
as Gregory Pratt
Alex Kingston
as Elizabeth Corday
Laura Innes
as Kerry Weaver
Goran Visnjic
as Luka Kovac
Maura Tierney
as Abby Lockhart
Ming-Na Wen
as Deb Chen
Paul McCrane
as Robert Romano
Erik Palladino
as Dave Malucci
Paul Freeman
as Charles Corday
Paul Hipp
as Craig Turner
Don Aylward
as Anspaugh
Diane Delano
as Stella Willis
Dee Freeman
as Dr. Lutz
Christopher Grove
as Dr. Marty Kline
Michael Muhney
as Colin Prentiss
Jim Piddock
as Grumpy British Doc
Heidi Swedberg
as Robin Turner
B.J. Ward
as Romano's Post-Op Nurse
Judy Parfitt
as Isabelle Corday
John Aylward
as Dr. Donald Anspaugh
Kaline Carr
as Dr. Stephanie Roux
Phillip C. Curry
as IDC Doctor
Claire Jacobs
as Mrs. Daniels
Shirley Jordan
as IDC Analyst
Miranda Kwok
as Kristen Shoop
Dinah Lenney
as Shirley
Ruth Manning
as Mrs. Newberry
Alpheus Merchant
as Elderly Man
Kris Murphy
as Flight Nurse
Horace Knight
as Boat Assistant
Horace Knight
as Boat Assistant
Eric Payne
as Police Officer
Toby Robt
as Senior House Official
Tyler Toles
as Sick Boy
Alex Virzi
as Adam #1
James K. Ward
as Scientist
Michael Yama
as Epidemiologist
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