Death Is a Bitch


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Peter (voice of Seth MacFarlane) finds a lump in his breast, and, face to face with the possibility of death, his carefree attitude changes. He addresses his family at the dinner table -- "Y'know guys, I don't say this often enough, but...I'm gonna die." He shops for a casket, and has a yard sale. Then the doctor tells him the lump was just a fatty corpuscle. "How the hell can a dead comedian from the silent movie era be lodged in my left bosom?" Peter wants to know. Peter's newfound appreciation for life is tested when he gets his doctor bill. To avoid paying, he fills in the form to say that he's deceased. Things seem okay until Death (voice of Norm MacDonald) shows up at the Griffins' door. He's seen the medical form, and has mistakenly come to claim Peter. Stewie (MacFarlane) is delighted to meet Death, and invites him to dinner. After a pleasant meal, Lois (voice of Alex Borstein) tries to stall Death. "After dinner, we usually go into the living room and, uh, live for another 40 or 50 years." But Death is determined to take Peter. Peter makes a run for it, and Death twists his ankle while giving chase. While Death recovers on the Griffins' couch, Peter takes advantage of a death-free world by jumping off a skyscraper and starting a shoot-out at a local pub. Death agrees to spare Peter, but Peter has to take his place and do something "big" to show the world that the rules of death still apply. Death orders Peter to kill the cast of Dawson's Creek. "I knew it," says Peter. "As soon as that show came on the air, I said, 'I'm gonna be the one that has to kill those kids.'"


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter Griffin/Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin
Alex Borstein
as Lois Griffin/Freddy's Wife/Miss Jacobs/Karen Black
Seth Green
as Chris Griffin/Christian Slater
Lacey Chabert
as Meg Griffin
Danny Smith
as Jack Hanna
Lori Alan
as Diane/Flight Attendant
Tara Strong
as Flight Attendant
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