FOX-y Lady


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Lois gets a job as a cable-news reporter. Her first assignment: an expose of a certain liberal documentary filmmaker who's usually seen wearing a baseball cap. Meanwhile, Peter and Chris dream up a cartoon show to pitch to a network.


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter Griffin/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire/Red Hiney Monkey/
Alex Borstein
as Lois/Ellen Degeneres/Tipper Gore/
Seth Green
as Chris
Adam West
as Mayor West
Mike Henry
as Cleveland/Col. Tushfinger/Chris Noth
Danny Smith
as Coroner/TV Announcer
Jackson Douglas
as Cameraman
John Viener
as Executive/Jeffrey
Ralph Garman
as Fox News Announcer/Guy/Producer/Reporter
Mark DeCarlo
as Jerry Orbach
Kirker Butler
as FDR Press Secretary
Sharon Tay
as Rhonda Latimrer
Kim Parks
as Thai Hooker
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