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Dull and pointless, Flaked makes it uncomfortably clear that the man-child persona is no longer compelling.



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Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016
Air date: Mar 11, 2016

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A self-appointed ''guru'' named Chip falls for the object of his best friend's desire.

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I don't want this guy to win. I don't want him to have a victory. He deserves what he gets. And I don't want to watch that.

Dec 7, 2018 | Full Review…

It is not as original, lacerating, or self-aware as Louie and Girls, the progenitors of this trend, or as good as Transparent, the perfector of it, but it contains a deep and precise character sketch.

Mar 11, 2016 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Flaked is to be commended for really capturing its setting, shooting very clearly on location and focusing on the issues facing this community right now.

Mar 11, 2016 | Rating: B | Full Review…

A good portrait of a fallen man and the place he has fallen into. Promising - but also frustrating.

Mar 10, 2016 | Rating: B | Full Review…
Top Critic

It's uncomfortably dull, paced like molasses flowing through a stirrer straw, and completely pointless.

Dec 7, 2018 | Full Review…

Perhaps the problem is that we've seen this story too many times: upper-middle-class white men behaving like frat bros and overcoming their malaise through the love of a good (young) woman.

Jul 31, 2018 | Full Review…

Flaked almost succeeds in tricking you into thinking it's a love story, but it's not. It's really a story about male friendship - insecure, immature and loyal.

Jul 14, 2016 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

The end result isn't entirely insufferable - but it's pretty close to it.

Apr 12, 2016 | Full Review…

Man-child's mature world is more tragedy than comedy.

Mar 22, 2016 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

The relationship is promising, you might want to keep it streaming for a few episodes.

Mar 14, 2016 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Flaked: Season 1

  • Apr 09, 2019
    Oddly ingrossing and yet i dont know why, loveable loser and his sad friends who otherwise wouldnt capture anyones attention but with a splash LA sun to glam it up. This show is charming and funny yet serious in places where its relatable to the 30s to 40 year old guys that stumble often
  • Aug 16, 2018
    The premise of the show sounds interesting but it falls short in the last few episodes when something of actual value in terms of the plot happens. While the consensus ”dull and pointless” doesn’t especially fit the last few episodes of the show, it does for the ones before those. You could come into the show halfway in and not really miss much. The season had its moments in terms of comedy, which was refreshing. The acting is good and most of the characters were enjoyable. Going for 8 episodes and 30 minutes per episode was definitely what saved the season since there were fewer filler episodes.
  • Aug 11, 2018
    This series is scarily real in recovery communities & should be better received than reflected on this site. It's well written and acted. Hyperbolic stereotypes like these characters actually exist and the moral development of recovering people is portrayed well. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • Aug 04, 2018
    People hate this show because it's not PC. Boo hoo. Great show!
  • Jul 20, 2018
    S1 is cool, slow and good for a blue mood. but don't watch S2, just end it at the first.
  • Jul 14, 2018
    I'm not sure why all the negative reviews about this show. I guess the one reality to this is that most reviewers either haven't been through addiction, sobriety, or they are in denial. As someone who has dealt with addiction, the show is spot on. Most addicts or alcoholics have what is called an Alcoholic mentality. Really it's when you are sober, but your insecurities, selfishness and other negative attributes are on full display. If you look at each character, you see their flaws and why they had an addiction issue. Currently I am in season one, and seeing the characters evolve and digress is a treat to watch. The writing is great, The character development is wonderful. Will, you are doing a great job with this show and the struggles of the addictive personality. Though most don't relate, you are representing a segment of society that is ignored and shunned. Keep up the good work.
  • Apr 25, 2018
    I think it's Will Arnett at his best. Love it.
  • Oct 19, 2017
    How self -obssessed is a man that writes a story avout how he gets away with being a selfish douche who’s victim’s sister falls in love with him and gives him regular sex? Oh and she’s half his age.. gtfoh
  • Jul 25, 2017
    Bros, Broitas and my non binary friends, this is literally the best show ever made. Honestly, I've never felt so connected to a show before. Even though Will Arnett is a Canadian and NY guy he totally plays the Cali life we all love. Maybe it's because my grandparents are Canadian too or because I love Cali life idk. If you don't already want to make it out to the coast watch this show and you will. Outside of that, the show deals with what we all deal with. Who am I? What is my purpose in this world? Should I do the right thing or do what I want? It sounds sadistic, but watching "Chip" sturggle with the afore mentioned issues makes one feel that everything will be ok. Perhaps it's just that misery loves company but I find this show totally inspiring.
  • Jul 24, 2017
    Flaked is filled with complex characters and has a plot that builds on itself-making the entire series compelling and entertaining. Will Arnett kills it (in a good way) as the main character. The amazing cast makes the show what it is: great.

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