The Show Where Sam Shows Up


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Another of Kelsey Grammer's former Cheers co-stars makes a guest appearance on Frasier. This time it is Ted Danson, reprising his role as ballplayer-turned-bartender Sam Malone. Upon linking up with Frasier, Sam claims he has come to Seattle to get a tryout with the Mariners. Before long, however, the truth comes out: Sam has run away from his own wedding. Frasier offers to help his old friend--only to regret these words upon discovering that he himself has had a "close encounter" with Sam's fiancée, Sheila (Téa Leoni). Inside jokes abound in this episode, including a reference to Frasier's "late" father (who of course isn't late yet) and an annotated update on the gang from the Boston tavern "where everybody knows your name."


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