Dream Logic


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The Fringe team travels cross-country to Seattle after learning of a mysterious incident involving a man who attacked his boss because he believed he was an evil ram-horned creature. As these puzzling occurrences continue, the team tirelessly explores strange and creepy links to dreams. In pursuit of additional information, Agent Broyles has a disconcerting meeting with enigmatic Massive Dynamic executive Nina Sharp that leads the investigation in an unthinkable direction.


Joshua Jackson
as Peter Bishop
Blair Brown
as Nina Sharp
Kirk Acevedo
as Charlie Francis
Kevin Corrigan
as Sam Weiss
Anna Torv
as Olivia Dunham
Alex Zahara
as Det. Green
Travis Schuldt
as Agent Kashner
John Noble
as Dr. Walter Bishop
Jim Thorburn
as Greg Leiter
Lance Reddick
as Phillip Broyles
Mark Valley
as John Scott
Drew Nelson
as Carl Langdon
Ravi Kapoor
as Dr. Nayak
Jasika Nicole
as Astrid Farnsworth
Emily Ziff
as Jill Leiter
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