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Fringe: Season 3 (2010-2011)




Critic Consensus: With more mysteries to uncover and mind-bending plot devices, season three of Fringe further cements the show's status as one of the of the best science fictions shows on television.


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FRINGE, the series that Rolling Stone calls the most exciting drama around, returns with a brand new season following our three unlikely partners.


Anna Torv
as Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson
as Peter Bishop
John Noble
as Dr. Walter Bishop
Blair Brown
as Nina Sharp
Lance Reddick
as Phillip Broyles
Jasika Nicole
as Astrid Farnsworth
Ryan McDonald
as Alt Brandon
Michael Cerveris
as The Observer
Kevin Corrigan
as Sam Weiss
Andre Royo
as Henry Arliss Higgins
Georgina Haig
as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop
Amy Madigan
as Marilyn Dunham
Sebastian Roche
as Thomas Jerome Newton
Chris Bradford
as Olivia's Stepfather
Karen Holness
as Diane Broyles
Philip Winchester
as Frank Stanton
Christopher Lloyd
as Roscoe Joyce
Sean Campbell
as Zach Alpert
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Krick
Leonard Nimoy
as William Bell
Omid Abtahi
as Simon Phillips
Mark Ivanir
as Roland David Barrett
Orla Brady
as Elizabeth Bishop
Paula Malcomson
as Dana Gray
Clark Middleton
as Ed Markham
Barbara Tyson
as Mrs. Walsh
Chandler Canterbury
as Young Peter Bishop
Emily Meade
as Ella Dunham
Shannon Cochran
as Patricia Van Horn
Marcus Giamatti
as Ray Duffy
Charles Parnell
as Dr. James Falcon
JR Bourne
as CIA Agent Edwards
Phyllis Somerville
as Alice Merchant
Karley Scott Collins
as Young Olivia Dunham
Shawn Ashmore
as Joshua Rose
Matt Ellis
as Ritchie
Gerard Plunkett
as Sen. James Van Horn
Michael Bean
as Grant Russo
Tom Stevens
as Michael Krick
Patti Allan
as Landlady
Will Rothhaar
as Wyatt Toomy
Olivia Cheng
as Victoria
Tom Stevens
as Michael Krick
Ulrich Thomsen
as Zeppelin Man
Mark Acheson
as Murray Harkins
Ken Pogue
as Derek Merchant
Hiro Kanagawa
as Executor
Curtis Harris
as Christopher Broyles
John Cassini
as The Librarian
Aaron Ashmore
as Matthew Rose
Ada Breker
as Young Olivia
Erica Carroll
as FBI Newbie
Vincent Tong
as Shen Chan
Paul Jarrett
as Warren Blake
Alon Aboutboul
as Dr. Silva
Anthony Harrison
as BPD Sergeant
Malcolm Stewart
as Dr. Levin
Holly Elissa Dignard
as Danielle Rose
Minh Ly
as Dan Liang
Mike Coleman
as Ben Killenburg
Kendall Cross
as Nurse Joyce
Roger Haskett
as Dr. Harris
Eric Lynch
as Homeless Man
Holly Dignard
as Danielle Rose
Joan Chen
as Reiko
Nelson Wong
as Scott Watts
Anna Van Hooft
as Nina's Assistant
Eric Keenleyside
as Jerry Bissell
Kacey Rohl
as Madeline
Elizabeth McLaughlin
as Dr. Alexandra Ross
Marina Allen
as Nurse #1
Jennifer Koenig
as Nurse Gail
Paula Lindberg
as Becky Woomer
Tyler McClendon
as Laird Woomer
Julie McNiven
as Mona Foster
Tristin Leffler
as Emily Clayton
Howard Siegel
as Conductor
Jase-Anthony Griffith
as Museum Security Guard
Lee Majdoub
as Paramedic
Paulette Hinz
as ER Nurse
David Nykl
as Rev. Marcus
Carlos Diaz
as Randall
Peter New
as Doorman
Francoise Yip
as Dr. Rosa Oporto
Michael R. Smith
as FBI Tech Carl
Michelle Brezinski
as Mrs. Marcello
John Stewart
as Male Passenger
Courtney Lancaster
as Pediatric Nurse
John Hainsworth
as Old Wyatt
Khaira Ledeyo
as FBI Tech
Ashley Liu
as Security Guard
Karin Konoval
as Dr. Christine Albright
Jarod Joseph
as FBI Agent
James Tyce
as ND Agent
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
as Nurse Sheila
Judith Maxie
as Hospital Administrator
Anja Savcic
as Amanda Walsh
Lee Vincent
as FBI Tech
Richard Stroh
as Security #1
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Critic Reviews for Fringe: Season 3

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Genuinely creepy, funny, weird and awesome... The season when Fringe proves once and for all that it belongs up there with Twin Peaks, The Wire and the middle seasons of Star Trek: TNG.

May 24, 2018 | Full Review…

Fringe remains, without a doubt, the best sci-fi show on TV.

May 24, 2018 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

It took the Fringe creative team a very long time to figure their own show out, but they have - by embracing what the show is rather than what they wish it could be.

May 24, 2018 | Full Review…

Despite a few wobbly stories early on in the season, I think season 3 was generally a triumph, easily making Fringe by far the most entertaining and skilfully produced sci-fi show on TV today.

May 24, 2018 | Full Review…

After two seasons of flirting, Fringe finally commits to the concept of parallel worlds, setting a good third of its stories on the well-realised Other Side.

October 31, 2017 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

Tell me this wasn't one of the most moving, thrilling, funny, inspiring chunks of television you've watched.

May 24, 2018 | Full Review…

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