Tanner's Island


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Season Three of Full House begins as Danny (Bob Saget) celebrates the second anniversary of his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) and best friend Joey (David Coulier) moving into the Tanner household to help raise Danny's three daughters D.J. (Candace Cameron), Steph (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (played by twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). In honor of the occasion, the whole kit-'n'-kaboodle by taking the whole kit-'n'-kaboodle heads to Hawaii, where Danny has planned a vacation filled to overflowing with family activities. Unfortunately, the revellers end up marooned on a supposedly deserted island, where in "Admirable Crichton" fashion the kids are forced to take charge of things while the grown-ups flounder around helplessly. In this episode, Lori Loughlin becomes a regular in the previously recurring role of Jesse's sweetheart Becky Donaldson.


Bob Saget
as Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier
as Joey Gladstone
John Stamos
as Jesse Cochran/Katsopolis
Candace Cameron Bure
as Donna Jo `D.J.' Tanner
Jodie Sweetin
as Stephanie Tanner
Mary-Kate Olsen
as Michelle Tanner
Gail Paulo
as Leilani
Ashley Olsen
as Michelle Tanner
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