A Fishful of Dollars


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Fry has a dream with a commercial in it, and everyone develops a strange urge to go shopping. Bender gets arrested for shoplifting, but the crew doesn't have enough money to bail him out of jail. Fry decides to look up his old bank account, which has since accrued billions of dollars in interest over the last thousand years. He spends his money frivolously and goes to a 20th century-style auction. He bids on a can of extinct anchovies and wins over the corporate tycoon Mom (voice of Tress MacNeille), known as "the world's most huggable industrialist." Needing the anchovy oil to run her robot oil business, Mom comes up with a scam to rob Fry by making him think it's really the year 2000. Pamela Anderson guest stars.


Billy West
as Fry/Prof. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg
Katey Sagal
as Leela
John DiMaggio
as Bender
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad
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