Where the Boys Are


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The male staffers at Seattle Grace go on a camping trip in the mountains, which culminates in a "slap fight" (so to speak) between George (T.R. Knight) and Alex (Justin Chambers). Addison (Kate Walsh) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) have a lot to talk over as they team up on a medical case. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) tears into Cristina (Sandra Oh) concerning her strange actions vis-à-vis Burke (Isaiah Washington). And Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) enters unchartered territory (for her) as she assists Sloan (Eric Dane) with a very delicate "corrective" procedure (Hint: the patient is named Donna, but she used to be Daniel). This episode earned a special award from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.


Ellen Pompeo
as Meredith Grey
Patrick Dempsey
as Derek Shepherd
Sandra Oh
as Cristina Yang
Katherine Heigl
as Izzie Stevens
T.R. Knight
as George O'Malley
Chandra Wilson
as Miranda Bailey
Isaiah Washington
as Preston Burke
James Pickens Jr.
as Richard Webber
Kate Walsh
as Addison Shepherd
Sara Ramirez
as Callie Torres
Eric Dane
as Mark Sloan
Jack Yang
as Walter
Kali Rocha
as Dr. Sydney Aaron
George Dzundza
as Harold O'Malley
Joshua Cabrera
as Eric Sanborn
Monica Sanchez
as Holly Sanborn
Jim Parrack
as Ted Carr
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