There Must Be a Pony


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To dissuade Chrissy (Ashley Johnson) from the notion that adults party all night once she goes to sleep, Jason (Alan Thicke) allows her to stay up past her bedtime--on the very night that the Seavers' nouveau-riche neighbors throw a lavish (and boisterous) Halloween costume party. Elsewhere, Ben (Jeremy Miller) acts as "tour guide" for Luke (Leonardo DiCaprio) when the latter enters Dewey High School. Future Oscar winner Hilary Swank appears as Ben's snooty classmate Sasha Serotsky.


Alan Thicke
as Dr. Jason Seaver
Joanna Kerns
as Maggie Seaver
Carla Tamburrelli
as Jodi Creedmore
Kirk Cameron
as Mike Seaver
Tracey Gold
as Carol Seaver
Jeremy Miller
as Ben Seaver
Michael Goldfinger
as Deliveryman
Ashley Johnson
as Chrissy Seaver
Chelsea Noble
as Kate McDonell
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