Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)


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Five-0 investigates the death of a wealthy recluse who is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills. Meanwhile, Adam is kidnapped by the yakuza and is forced to torture one of Gabriel's men.


Alex O'Loughlin
as Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan
as Danny Williams
Daniel Dae Kim
as Chin Ho Kelly
Grace Park
as Kono Kalakaua
Masi Oka
as Dr. Max Bergman
Taylor Wily
as Kamekona
Chi McBride
as Lou Grover
Jorge Garcia
as Jerry Ortega
Ian Anthony Dale
as Adam Noshimuri
Dennis Chun
as Sgt. Duke Lukela
Willie Garson
as Gerard Hirsch
Steve Bastoni
as Tom Bishop
Michael Maize
as Aaron James
Julia Marie Buis
as Susan Barnes
Kenneth Meseroll
as Douglas Bates
David Turner
as Mikey Barnes
Lauren Murata
as Laura Ioane
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