Ka Luhi (The Burden)


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Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder. Meanwhile, Danny's sister visits Oahu for a business conference and he suspects she may be getting too close to a co-worker.


Alex O'Loughlin
as Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan
as Danny Williams
Daniel Dae Kim
as Chin Ho Kelly
Grace Park
as Kono Kalakaua
Masi Oka
as Dr. Max Bergman
Taylor Wily
as Kamekona
Chi McBride
as Lou Grover
Jorge Garcia
as Jerry Ortega
Dennis Chun
as Sgt. Duke Lukela
Kimee Balmilero
as Noelani Cunha
Laura Kai Chen
as Dr. Silver
Charles Rahi Chun
as Pearson Yang
Joey Luthman
as Reese Holland
Paul Ganus
as Fred Holland
Cathryn de Prume
as Monica Holland
Trent Garrett
as Travis Wilson
Daniel Bess
as Spencer
Nicholas Yee
as CSU Tech
Jaxon Moore
as Young Reese
Michael Arrieta
as Cheery Waiter
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