Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995 - 1999)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

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Tongue-in-cheek derring-do about the mythical strongman and his quest to battle evil while avenging the death of his wife and children. Filmed in New Zealand, the hit syndicated series was introduced in 1994 with five two-hour TV movies and inspired the wildly popular `Xena: Warrior Princess.' It also was the source for `Young Hercules,' a live-action series for children on Fox.

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1999, Syndicated, 8 episodes

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1998, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1997, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1996, Syndicated, 22 episodes

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1995, Syndicated, 24 episodes

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1995, Syndicated, 13 episodes


Kevin Sorbo
as Hercules
Michael Hurst
as Iolaus
Robert Trebor
as Salmoneus
Bruce Campbell
as Autolycus
Alexandra Tydings
as Aphrodite
Kevin Smith
as Iphicles
Tamara Gorski
as Morrigan
Kevin Smith
as Iphicles
Ian Bohen
as Young Herc
Paul Norell
as Falafel
Cory Everson
as Atalanta
Nicko Vella
as Macareus
Tawny Kitaen
as Deianeira
George Henare
as Zarathrustra
Stuart Devenie
as Magistrate
Erik Thomson
as King Daulin
Péter Müller
as Fallen Soldier
Paul Glover
as Josephus
Jon Brazier
as Mercenary #2
Karen Sheperd
as Enforcer
Steve Hall
as Warrior
Stephen Hall
as Lead Soldier
Lacey Kohl
as Cupcake
Chris Conrad
as Young Jason
Duncan Ross
as Pallaeus
Ian Hughes
as Calmaches
Ian Mune
as Menas Maximus
Mick Rose
as Lycus
John Watson
as Taphius
Warren Carl
as Pentheus
Lucy Liu
as Oi-Lan
Neill Rea
as King Arthur
Jodie Dorday
as Lucretaina
Danny Lineham
as Drinker #2
Patrick Smith
as King Trancas
Ian Watkin
as Innkeeper
Sara Wiseman
as Hephates
Patrick Kake
as Hercules Double
Charles Mesure
as Johnny Pinto
Edward Newborn
as Perdiclis
Zo Hartley
as Patron
David Press
as Glaucus
Tony Todd
as Gladius
Claudia Black
as Cassandra
Steve Wright
as Mercenary #1
John Dybvig
as Tavern Thug
Noel Trevarthen
as King Iphicles
Julian "Sonny" Arahanga
as Lead Bounty Hunter
Julian Garner
as Hephaestus
Mark Perry
as Elopius
Michael Robinson
as Lieutenant
Susan Ward
as Psyche
Chris Graham
as Colchis
Paige Moss
as Antigone
Maria Rangel
as Farmer's Wife
Martin Kove
as Demetrius
Traci Lords
as Luscious Deluxe
Will Kempe
as Archias
Ray Woolf
as Chief
John Watson
as Pilgrim #2
Tim Raby
as Soldier
Mark Ian Miller
as Toll Collector
Patrick Wilson
as Pilgrim #1
Ian Harrop
as Camp Boss
John O'Leary
as Magistrate
Peter Rowley
as Ephadon
Gordon Hatfield
as Temple Guard
Tony Wood
as Eluvius
Brett Stewart
as Stichius
Sam Williams
as Hercules Double
Robin Kora
as Pepius
Grant McFarland
as Ruffian #1
Simon Prast
as 1st Soldier
David Stott
as Boatman
John Mellor
as Thug #1
Richard Moll
as The Cyclops
Alison Bruce
as Postera
Karen Witter
as Nemesis
Rainer Grant
as Melanippe
Alex Moffat
as Silicles
Tony Bishop
as Field Hand
Ross Campbell
as Soldier #1
Max Cryer
as Barker
Ilona Rodgers
as Queen Camilla
Asa Lindh
as Maid #2
Des Wallace
as Thug #1
Joseph Greer
as Romanus
Phil Jones
as Trayus
Roger Oakley
as King Xenon
Hemi Rudolph
as Cercetes
Jason Hoyte
as Hephaestus
Patrick Smyth
as Charidon
John McKee
as 2nd Soldier
Shane Dawson
as Warrior #1
Barry Duffield
as Kanzankis
Renee Brennan
as Druid of Faith
Colin Francis
as Sneak Thief
Damien Lay
as Neighbor's Son
Elizabeth Pendergrast
as Woman Shopper
Craig Hall
as Timuron
Kyrin Hall
as Felicita
Stephen Tozer
as Diadorus
Ray Henwood
as Sisyphus
Tammy Barker
as Penelope
Ray Bishop
as Rankus
Lawrence Whareau
as Soldier #2
Christine Bartlett
as 1st Villager
Daniel Phillips
as Hera Worshipper
Mario Gaoa
as Soldier #3
Anne Baxter
as Old Woman
Winston Harris
as Young Jaris
Katie Wolfe
as Arciana
Derek Judge
as Monicles
Slade Leef
as Warrior
Graeme Moran
as Villager #1
Gilbert Goldie
as Village Elder
Eric Gruendemann
as High Priest
Vanessa Rare
as Young Woman
Angela Shirley
as Princess Hippolyta
John Lawler
as Hortius
Adam Jackson
as Male Villager
Greg Johnson
as Bandit #1
Beryl TeWiata
as Old Psyche
Robert Lee
as Sergeant
John Smith
as Socrates
Buzz Moller
as Zachariah
Vanessa Guy
as Priestess
Tom Kane
as Lookout
Lillian Enting
as Old Woman
John Palmer
as Soldier
Jim Rawdon
as Porter
Bob Johnson
as Barkeep
George Boyle
as Yard Boss
Maya Dalziel
as Nasty Mother
Geoffrey Knight
as Slave Owner
Dave Scott
as Pawnicles
Eric Lynch
as Bartoc
Peter Mason
as Proprietor
Emma Turner
as Leucosia
Jason Garner
as Young Soldier
Emily Jackson
as Young Ocea
Joanna Barrett
as Beautiful Girl
Walter Brown
as King Phaedron
Marek Sumich
as Head Rowdy
Anthony Taylor
as Village Elder
Dale Corlett
as Thaddeus
John Freeman
as Blacksmith
Greg Norman
as Fishmonger
John Leonard
as Fire Fighter
Kevin Alexander
as Soldier #2
Rodney Cooke
as Passerby
June Bishop
as Elderly Woman
Sean Davis
as Druid of Innocence
Vadim Ledogorov
as Blacksmith
Mary Henderson
as Female Client
David Downs
as Choleus
John Porter
as Villager #1
Paul B. Price
as Villager #2
Michael Phillips
as Magistrate
Geoff Barlow
as Old Man
Matt Elliott
as Whimpering Lackey
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TV Network: Syndicated
Premiere Date: Jan 16, 1995
Genre: Action & Adventure
Executive Producers: Sam Raimi, Christian Williams, Rob Tapert
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