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After checking on two neonatal infants who have suffered mysterious seizures, House (Hugh Laurie) concludes that the clinic has become the breeding ground for a deadly epidemic--which is rapidly spreading to the other newborns. In order to isolate the reason for this outbreak and to stop it in its tracks, House is faced with a difficult choice: One of the babies will have to die to save the others. As it turns out, the source of the epidemic has little to do with babies, but neither House nor the audience finds this out until the very last moment.


Hugh Laurie
as Dr. Greg House
Lisa Edelstein
as Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard
as Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison
as Dr. Allison Cameron
Omar Epps
as Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer
as Dr. Robert Chase
Melissa Marsala
as Judy Lapino
Marc Menard
as Soap Doctor
Madison Bauer
as Soap Patient
Shawn Carter Peterson
as Male Med. Student
Cress Williams
as Eli Ackerly
Donna Stearns
as Volunteer
Jocelyn Jackson
as Young Woman
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