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While Cuddy orders House to make a hiring decision, he assigns the remaining candidates to a case involving an uncooperative, over-the-hill rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience. Meanwhile, Wilson informs a former patient whom he had previously diagnosed with terminal cancer that he is going to live. The patient does not take this as good news.


Hugh Laurie
as Dr. Greg House
Lisa Edelstein
as Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard
as Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison
as Dr. Allison Cameron
Omar Epps
as Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer
as Dr. Robert Chase
Peter Jacobson
as Dr. Chris Taub
Anne Dudek
as Dr. Amber Volakis
Kal Penn
as Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Matt DeCaro
as McKenna
Boris Kievsky
as Club Owner
Raf Mauro
as Doctor
Dina Defterios
as Luisa Maria
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