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Air date: Jan 11, 2015
Air date: Jan 18, 2015
Air date: Jan 25, 2015
Air date: Feb 1, 2015
Air date: Feb 8, 2015
Air date: Feb 15, 2015
Air date: Mar 1, 2015
Air date: Mar 8, 2015
Air date: Mar 15, 2015
Air date: Mar 22, 2015
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Inconsistent with a tone that's jagged and only intermittently funny.

Jan 9, 2015 | Rating: C | Full Review…
Top Critic

Something very strange happened at the conclusion of the House of Lies Season 4 finale - a happy ending.

May 11, 2016 | Full Review…

House of Lies Season 4 Episode 1 fills in some of the missing pieces of what happened during Marty's brief incarceration. We get only a few answers, but I'm definitely looking forward to the rest being revealed over the course of the season.

Jan 12, 2015 | Rating: 4.7/5 | Full Review…

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skipped son parts. watched fast

It just keeps getting better and better as the seasons roll by. It is super easy to become attached to all of the lovable and unlovable characters alike. I am looking forward to season five. This show is a perfect example of the reality of corporate America. The reality is anything but pretty infact it's ugly and you are gonna like it. Matthew Carnahan is a pure genius for the existence of this show. Hence the name House of Lies which came way before House of Cards. Don Cheadle leads a stellar cast to new heights. I like how this is called a black comedy indeed. But what is a dark comedy? Well anyways you really can't take anything too seriously you win some and you lose some but you don't really lose, unless you give up right? So if you like a witty show that will keep you on the edge I highly recommend this one. This is my first review of a tv show and it will not be my last. Sadly I realize this show will come to an end. It makes so much sense. I feel as if I've waited for a show that gets me. Finally and shout out to Showtime for also making this wonderful tv show possible.

Marty Kaan returns back to his company after striking a deal in prison. The office is now co-occupied by another company that gets on Marty's nerve. The relationship between Marty & Jeannie is strained as they try to work with each other. Jeannie feels extremely bad about what happened. She tries to apologize but Marty is shut down. Marty's relationship with his son is tested as he begins his own little side business with hand bags. Marty accuses Jeannie of being dishonest which gets Jeannie to reveal a troubled truth. Jeannie is pregnant early in the series & lies about the father at first. Marty & Jeannie got after a skincare company with the Pod but the situation doesn't work out. Doug puts his foot down to Sarah who empited out their entire house. Clyde ends up getting behind a venture for an app with Kelsey, a girl who works for the company occupying Kaan & Associates. Clyde falls for Kelsey while working with her. Doug becomes part of the team and ends up sleeping with Kelsey. He convinces her Clyde is not bad and she ends up sleeping with both of them till Clyde says he wants her to himself. Marty while in Prison meets the CEO of Gage Motors & once they are both released from prison he helps Ellis Hightower regain control of his company and gets the stock to hit pass 200. Hightower screws over Marty and doesn't pay him. Marty gives a friend of his Denna, a Corporate Acquisition Specialist a video that takes down Hightower & gets investment into Kaan & Associates which troubles Marty who then pisses off the Turn Around Specialist Denna sends over. The relationship with Denna and Marty explodes when he gives a fast food chain advice Denna does not approve of, and she brings him down a notch. Roscoe gets in trouble for his hand bag business which could lead to his expelling him from school. Marty finds out some information to stop Denna from getting rid of him & she pulls her investment losing $20 million. Marty tries to keep all the companies they acquired while Deanna was financing them and though it is a tough road, in the end it succeeds and Jeannie goes into labor....Great show can't wait till Season 5.

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