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How I Met Your Mother (2005 - 2014)

How I Met Your Mother (2005 - 2014)





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A man named Ted tells his kids how he met the love of his life, through flashbacks, years in the future. The bored kids sit on the couch and listen as dad regales them with tales of his pursuit of romance. The sitcom's secondary character, Ted's smarmy friend, Barney, is a real standout, often stealing the show.

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Critics Consensus: How I Met Your Mother ends not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with an uneven final season that captures the show's best and worst tendencies.

2013, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: How I Met Your Mother wears out its welcome this season, with an anticlimactic reveal and rote, less-than-fruitful humor.

2012, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2011, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2010, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2009, CBS, 17 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2008, CBS, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2007, CBS, 20 episodes

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2006, CBS, 22 episodes


Jason Segel
as Marshall
Cristin Milioti
as The Mother
Bob Saget
as Future Ted
Bob Saget
as Future Ted
Abby Elliott
as Jeanette
Kyle MacLachlan
as The Captain
Bill Fagerbakke
as Marvin Sr.
Kal Penn
as Kevin
Alexis Denisof
as Sandy Rivers
Matt Boren
as Stuart
Ray Wise
as Robin Sr.
Taran Killam
as Blauman
Cristine Rose
as Mrs. Mosby
Vicki Lewis
as Dr. Sonya
Alan Thicke
as Himself
Roger Bart
as Curtis
David Burtka
as Scooter
K Callan
as Grandma Lois
Martin Short
as Garrison Cootes
Ed Flores
as Food Guy
Edward Flores
as Food Guy
Bruce Gray
as Senior Partner
Lou Cutell
as Uncle Mort
Anna Camp
as Cassie
Michael Kagan
as Joel Adams
Joel McCrary
as Ged Wilkinson
Joe Lo Truglio
as Honeywell
Marjorie Lovett
as Aunt Muriel
Lucy Hale
as Katie
John Duerler
as Harlen Johnsen
Tanner Maguire
as Young Barnie
Michael Gross
as Mr. Mosby
Anne Dudek
as Natalie
Eben Ham
as Younger Bob
Adam Paul
as Mitch
Mark Derwin
as Businessman
Meagen Fay
as Janice
Ewan Chung
as Co-worker
Judith Drake
as Bernice
Renée Taylor
as Mrs. Matsen
Michael Edwin
as Delivery Guy
Bette Rae
as Gertrude
Alex Trebek
as Himself
Todd Sandler
as Strip Club Patron
Joie Magidow
as Elderly Relative
Francesca Capaldi
as 7-Year-Old Lily
August Maturo
as Marvin at 4
Jakob Sarkissian
as 12 to 14-year-old Marvin
Jane Seymour
as Professor Lewis
Wayne Nickel
as Reverend
Alan Fudge
as Farmer Frank
Ezra Buzzington
as Highway Cop #1
Amanda Peet
as Jenkins
Jim Jansen
as Doctor
Jordan Black
as Ferguson
Erin Cahill
as Heather
Katie Holmes
as Slutty Pumpkin
Camryn Manheim
as Ellen Pierce
Pamela Dunlap
as Miss Cruickshank
Noah James Butler
as British General
Miki Mia
as Waitress
Terryn Westbrook
as Floppy-Haired Guy
Heidi Klum
as Herself
Taira Soo
as Nurse
Seth Green
as Daryl LaCorte
Jason Boggs
as Packers Fan
Amy Acker
as Penelope
Eva Amurri
as Shelly
Maury Povich
as Himself
Beth Lacke
as Dr. Sarah O'Brien
America Olivo
as Beautiful Woman
Anthony Palermo
as Customs Officer
Dale E. Turner
as Professor Calzonetti
Reatha Grey
as Old Lady
Jim Lau
as Chinese Man
Ron Rogge
as Highway Cop #2
Nicole Scherzinger
as Jessica Glitter
Daniel Escobar
as Professor Rodriguez
Peter Gallagher
as Professor
Chris Kattan
as Ned Moseby
Katie Walder
as Shannon
Alexis Denisov
as Sandy Rivers
Richard Wharton
as Art Professor
Brad Rowe
as George
Bill J. Stevens
as Fantasy Jefferson Coatsworth
Candace Moon
as Cristina
Italia Ricci
as Hot Woman #1
Jason Watson
as Barista
Ramon Hilario
as Crusty Old Guy
Brooke Lynn Howard
as Sexy Girl No. 1
Justene Alpert
as Sexy Girl No. 2
Cynthia Murell
as Gorgeous Woman
Noel True
as Waitress
Miranda Kerr
as Herself
Kevin Michael Walsh
as Burglar No. 1
Heidi Montag
as Herself
Regan Burns
as Producer
Nikki Wells
as Hot Woman #2
Joel Spence
as Toy Guy
Joe Thornton Jr.
as Highway Cop #3
Asia De Marcos
as Japanese Wife
Peter Mackenzie
as Mr. Horvath
Michael Leone
as Kid No. 1
Janet Varney
as Stacey Gusar
Dean West
as Stapleton
Rizwan Manji
as Dr. Vikash
Matt Jones
as Pizza Guy
Rob Huebel
as Mr. Flanigan
Dave Thomas
as Chuck Gerusi
David Mattey
as Animal Trainer
Jon Heder
as Narshall
Krizia Bajos
as Hula Girl
Emmitt Smith
as Himself
John Sloan
as Michael
Doug Benson
as Cool Customs Officer
Bar Paly
as Natalie
Asia DeMarcos
as Japanese Wife
Chauncey Jenkins
as Businessman
Lindsay Schoneweis
as Fantasy Girl
Chad Lindsey
as Hula Girl
Nate Torrence
as Butterfield
Patricia Belcher
as Receptionist
Rich Fields
as Himself
John Cho
as Jeff Coatsworth
Kyles Archer
as Mark Johnson
Max Prado
as Michael Sasser
Jimmi Simpson
as Peter Durkenson
Patrick Kang
as 22-Year-Old Guy
Bob Barker
as Himself
Deanna Russo
as Brooke Bartholomay
Frank Crim
as Leonard Ross
Bill Parks
as Crazy Willie
John Getz
as Bob Hewitt
Eric Braeden
as Robin Sr.
Elena K. Smith
as Ted's Cousin
Stephen Holland
as Creepy Back Rub Guy
Jude Will
as 7-Year-Old Clint Eastwood
Jorge Garcia
as Steve "The Blitz"
Sachin Bhatt
as Man No. 1
Paul Shaffer
as Himself
Di Koob
as Lauren
David Grammer
as Old Sailor Guy
Megan Mullally
as Barney's Mother
Patricia Place
as Aunt Florence
P.J. Marino
as Bartender
Scarlett Lam
as Lucille
Melissa Ordway
as Woman No. 1
Ron Butler
as Proctor
Adriana Lima
as Herself
Jessica Anderson
as Hot Woman #3
Amir Talai
as Richard Greenleaf
Gina Comparetto
as Strawberry
Todd Grinnell
as Insane Duane
Edward Herrmann
as Rev. Lowell
Todd Sherry
as Lawrence
Nicole Taylor
as Sexy Blonde
Jessica Anderson
as Hot Woman #3
Tara Holt
as Chanel
Jane Carr
as Mrs. Buckminster
Kenzo Lee
as Young Man
Seth Morris
as Director
Austin Majors
as 12-year-old Matthew
Clyde Tull
as Minister
Kenny Rogers
as Kindly Book Narrator
Katie Malia
as Christy
Jim Nantz
as Himself
Paul Eliopoulos
as Homeless Man
Don Lake
as Judge Donovan
Ogy Durham
as Tabitha
Daniel Harris
as Kid No. 2
Timothy Heinrich
as Muscular Guy
Brooke Mackenzie
as Lisa Walker
Jessica Barth
as Pretty Girl
Darryl Sivad
as Officer Roque
Mieko Hillman
as Stephanie
Shelby Zemanek
as Six-Year-Old Robin
Jaime Taite
as Christina
Larry Poindexter
as Joe Donovan
Phil Simms
as Himself
James Lanham
as 16-Year-Old Clint Eastwood
Erik Van Wyck
as Husband No. 3
Robert Sloan
as Kid No. 3
Tom Ayers
as Walter
Gary Kraus
as Wedding Videographer
Angela Martinez
as Rochelle Harper
Rene Taylor
as Mrs. Matson
Cristina Rose
as Virginia
Calvin Jung
as Chinese Mobster
Rob Evors
as Bradley
Kelly Stables
as Masseuse
Rhomeyn Johnson
as Cab Driver
Kurt Long
as Galoshes the Weather Clown
Lance Barber
as Guard No. 1
Kim Shaw
as Julie
Mark Cohen
as Dr. Bedrosian
Zach Bandler
as Man No. 2
Dana Power
as Lauren
Koby Rouviere
as Eight-Year-Old Marshall
Lucky Davis
as Eight-Year-Old Kid
Jennifer Rogers
as Woman No. 1
Jason Heymann
as Man No. 3
Jessica Gardner
as Wife No. 3
Michael Rider
as Knight Templar
Katie Keane
as Stripper
Hope Riley
as Attractive Brunette
Larry Wilmore
as Dr. Greer
Tina Casciani
as Marisela Diaz
Kim Knight
as Tricia
Nicole Zeoli
as Lindsay
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
as Blonde Juror
Bo Barrett
as Guy #2
Abhi Sinha
as Guy #2
Hong Chau
as Cook Pu
Breanna Yde
as Little Girl
Andra Nechita
as Daughter
Ed Alonzo
as Guard No. 2
Sharline Liu
as Photographer
Corie Vickers
as Cousin Margaret
Toni Rossi
as Waiter No. 2
Nicolai Dorian
as Skateboarder
Jan Bryant
as Mildred
Nicole Limo
as Christie
Jayma Mays
as Coat Check Girl
Jacob Guenther
as Kid No. 4
Angela Sprinkle
as Madeleine
Elena Diaz
as Serendipity
Blake Bertrand
as Young Marvin Jr.
Nancy Stone
as Sketch Artist
Tess Alexandra Parker
as Mysterious Woman
Mark Tomesek
as Dr. Goodman
Jack Walsh
as Morris
George Finn
as Jamie Adamic
Jill Basey
as Mrs. Perkins
Karolin Luna
as Woman No. 2
Nikki Tuazon
as Hot Girl
Katie Silverman
as Little Girl
Ryan Burnham
as Bartender No. 1
George J. Finn
as Jamie Adamic
Max Daniels
as Cab Driver
Karen Lew
as Mrs. Hamaguchi
Laura Ann Kesling
as Eight-Year-Old Nicole
Shelli Boone
as Bridesmaid
Ithamar Enriquez
as Guard No. 3
Joe O'Connor
as Cassie's Dad
Earl Billings
as Officer McNeil
Matthew Hatchette
as Bartender No. 2
Thomas Crawford
as Wedding Guest #1
Cyrus Deboo
as Husband No. 1
Jeff Grace (II)
as Delivery Guy
Freddie Francis
as Colton Dunn
Piper Mackenzie Harris
as 11-Year-Old Lily
Dave Foley
as Mr. Bloom
Sheldon Coolman
as Shop Owner
Ken Cosby
as Cab Driver
Blake Hogue
as Neighbor
Péter Katona
as Co-Worker #1, Co-worker No. 1
Katy Stoll
as Lizbeth
Peter Gannon
as Mr. McIntee
Kim Estes
as Judge No. 1
Jack J. Bennett
as Craig Gerard
Ken Takemoto
as Elderly Chinese Man
k.d. lang
as Herself
Dexter Cross
as Little Boy
Alonza Maxwell
as Bartender
Wayne Lopez
as Referee
Chris Carroll
as Mr. Drury
Dennis Haskins
as Judge No. 2
Kevin Fabian
as Maitre d'
Katie Norman
as Tribe Leader
Gibson Sjobeck
as Young Marcus
Greg Lewis
as Mr. Ossias
Nick Toren
as Tourist
Bobby C. King
as Security Guard
Kathleen M. Darcy
as Wedding Guest #2
Harry S. Murphy
as Reverend Platt
Brenda Koo
as Beautiful Woman
Adam Tsekhman
as Parent #1, Parent 1
Jeff Probst
as Himself
Hollie Winnard
as Infomercial Actress
Grace Parra
as Wife No. 2
Sathya Jesudasson
as Kevin's Mom
Sidney Liss
as Chili Dog Kid
Cindy Adams
as Wedding Guest #3
James Ryen
as Co-Worker #3, Co-worker No. 3
Lauren Halperin
as Parent #2, Parent 2
Geddy Lee
as Himself
Emily Roche
as Young Woman
Matt Walsh
as Capt. Deardruff
Krystal Marshall
as Bridesmaid
Rudy Villagrana
as Gate Agent
Marion Kerr
as Whitney
Gerrit Goossen
as Finnish Guy
Mike Grief
as Bus Driver
Alex Scott
as Young Woman
Josh Dougherty
as Kid No. 1
Steven Page
as Himself
Jim Grollman
as Uncle Larry
Steve Tom
as Kelly's Father
Wayne Temple
as Security Guard
Ely Uettwiller
as Marvin at 2
Tre Moye
as Bellhop
Herbie Jackson
as Kid No. 2
Alex Staggs
as Operator
Charles Chun
as Mr. Park
Vince Cefalu
as Punchy's Dad
Michael James Bell
as Flight Attendant
Chuck Lacey
as Old Man
Tarah Paige
as Kersten
Elizabeth Pan
as Spa Attendant
Rebecca Newton
as Crew Cut Girl
Sawyer Adiram
as Young Ted
Kurt Scholler
as Mountie No. 1/Hotel Employee No. 1
Brian Jones
as Co-Worker #2, Co-worker No. 2
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