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      Insatiable: Season 1 Reviews

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      Mar 19, 2023

      Loved it. Watched every episode. Debby is adorable, and Dallas Roberts is fantastic.

      Mar 3, 2023

      Absolutely amazing. Fun, entertaining, hilarious, dark, edgy. We live in such a sensitive world that caters to people's feelings rather than people taking accountability for their own feelings I feel like that had a big pull on the negative reviews and criticism. Innovative series.

      Jan 20, 2023

      It is easier to count the characters who did NOT turn criminally insane.

      Jan 17, 2023

      It's like if "Drop Dead Gorgeous" was a series! Clever and campy! Love it.

      Jan 15, 2023

      This show is amazing. I don't see what peoples issue was with this.

      Nov 5, 2022

      This show is hilarious and so weird and unique I friggin love it

      Sep 26, 2022

      Absolute masterpiece, finally found a show with a great sense of humor, but gosh if its awful to think it got canceled despite being loved so much by thw viewers?

      Sep 2, 2022

      This is the worst ever. I never seen a show can be so dramatic. The character is twisted it's all about ruining other people's life.

      Aug 24, 2022

      Really weird but I liked it.

      Jul 30, 2022

      The show is brilliant. Hilarious, extravagant, and raises awareness of important issues without losing touch with its audience. A perfect combination of comedy and thriller

      Jul 20, 2022

      You people don't understand camp!

      May 2, 2022

      I enjoyed the intricacies, the depiction of evil, the absolute lack of boundaries, and the deliberate spontaneity in the cast performance. The show is non cowardly full of odds at many levels including race, gender, and accent, and yet perfectly harmonious and smoothly entertaining, without instigating trouble or evoking irritating moments.

      Apr 3, 2022

      Great show! Dallas Roberts is hysterical in this show. Great actors with a great script.

      Mar 9, 2022

      This show flopped within the first season. I was pretty surprised it got a second season tbh. Tried to watch through both of them thinking, "maybe it'll redeem itself". Boy, was that the complete opposite. I should really stop this whole -benefit of the doubt- bs. The moral lessons in this show are sketchy, and inconsistent. But that's what to expect from shows that try to push a political narrative through means of entertainment. Which is way too much of the main networks now an day, unfortunately. The minute a woke comment is made, it's a guarantee the show is gonna be real bad. Beyond rotten tomatoes, bad. And that's why we're here today.

      Jan 22, 2022

      This show is outrageous. Out-of-my-mind-ridiculous. Filled with wtf moments and I'm here for it. Love it. Obsessed with it.

      Dec 10, 2021

      I loved this show so much. Deliciously dark humor.

      Dec 8, 2021

      Love it, fun ride, weird but fun! Great cast, still hoping for a season 3!

      Oct 30, 2021

      A primeira temporada achei bastante legal acompanhei e fiquei um dia todo assistindo principalmente porque Debby Ryan marcou minha infância em Zack and Cody.

      May 9, 2021

      I'm guilty of judging the show by its box art and skipping over it several times thinking it was a teen drama. Perhaps that's part of the reason the reviews are so low -- people expecting something lighthearted like "Friends" or "Big Bang Theory" weren't prepared for the dark humor of this show. I'm glad I finally gave it a chance and sad to see it got canned. If you're a fan of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" or "The Boys," you'll probably enjoy this show. While I loathe people who go out of their way to tell others to stop being so sensitive and harp on cancel culture, at risk of sounding that way, I question if this show was a victim of a bunch of easily offended sticks in the mud or southern beauty pageant fans that are incapable of seeing humor in something they've deemed too sensitive to make light of and feel like they're being made fun of. Not all art is supposed to be some deep transformative narrative that takes on injustice and changes the world. There's nothing nefarious with the levity of this show. I think it's is a great example of satirical comedy and likely wouldn't have been rated so low if it came out 10 years ago. I think the audience score rating of over 80% favorable is far more representative of how good this show actually is and how out of touch the critics' score of 11% who initially reviewed it is.

      Mar 25, 2021 Patty at first had my heart but then I feel like whenever she finally got her way someone else came and destroyed her. Patty is literally a murderer who gets away with everything. She outed 2 people, killed people, and literally everything Bob did to her was for nothing. Bob is....something else he literally dangles a carrot in her face but is called "an opportunist" A literal definition of a train wreck.bALSO the Biphobia in this show is off the charts!!! Definitely not a good message by saying Bisexuality doesn't exist from so many characters The performances were really well done. With new writers, and a redemption maybe this might be better than Riverdale...

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