Homo Homini Lupus


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An investment-company executive (James Colby) who owes a large sum of money denies that his wife and two daughters have been kidnapped. Simon Matic: Ritchie Coster. Maggie Colter: Stephi Lineburg. Susan Colter: Marianne Hagan. Sarah Colter: Bailey Slattery. Melvyn Colter: Jordan Charney. Carver: Courtney B. Vance. Eames: Kathryn Erbe. Goren: Vincent D'Onofrio.


Vincent D'Onofrio
as Det. Robert Goren
Kathryn Erbe
as Det. Alexandra Eames
Jamey Sheridan
as Capt. James Deakins
Courtney B. Vance
as ADA Ron Carver
Ritchie Coster
as Simon Matic
Stephi Lineburg
as Maggie Colter
James Colby
as Lucas Colter
Marianne Hagan
as Susan Colter
Bailey Slattery
as Sarah Colter
Jordan Charney
as Melvyn Colter
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