God Bless the Child


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The ongoing debate over parental rights in medical procedures comes to the forefront when a five-year-old girl dies from a relatively minor throat infection. The child's parents, Ted and Nancy Driscoll (Byron Jennings, Kaiulani Lee) are arrested, whereupon they argue that their religious beliefs compelled them to deny medical treatment for their daughter. Incidentally, the unfortunate youngster is played by an uncredited Michelle Trachtenberg, who later co-starred on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Chris Noth
as Det. Mike Logan
Michael Moriarty
as ADA Ben Stone
Richard Brooks (VI)
as ADA Paul Robinette
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Paul Sorvino
as Det. Phil Cerreta
Biff McGuire
as Rev. Morley
Marian Seldes
as Suzanne Barlow
James Noble
as Judge Kurland
Byron Jennings
as Ted Driscoll
Caroline Aaron
as Susan (Police Psychiatrist)
Joyce Reehling
as Eleanor Harding
Kaiulani Lee
as Nancy Driscoll
William McGuire
as Rev. Morley
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Stanback
Edwin Owens
as Hanover Police Chief Burke
Susan Blommaert
as Arraignment Judge Steinman
Peter Appel
as Dr. Baumann
Ted Neustadt
as Dr. Fisher
Aleta Mitchell
as Joanne Preston
Steve Boles
as Metcalf
Jose Ynoa
as Angel
Gonzalo Madurga
as Dr. Guzman
Beth McDonald
as Adele Tompkins
Danny Dennis
as Al Webber
Dan Moran
as Off. Giordano
Michael Sheehan
as Off. Barton
John Bentley
as Mike Carney
Bob Gerardi
as Bailiff
Tom Paliferro
as Joe Nicholas
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