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Air date: Sep 20, 1995

The sixth-season opener of Law & Order finds detective Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) teamed with a new partner, Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt). For their first assignment together, Briscoe and Curtis try to piece together the last hours in the life of a murdered girl, using an ATM machine film to determine what happened to the victim between her classroom and her music lesson. The results of the investigation lead to a revenge killing -- which many observers regard as "justice."

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Air date: Sep 27, 1995

A college student is murdered at a biker bar. At first, detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) believe that the solution to the case hinges upon interrogating the hard-case bar patrons. Ultimately, however, the answer lies somewhere within the mysterious world of the Internet, a world in which the younger Curtis is far more "at home" than his veteran partner.

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Air date: Oct 18, 1995

The reinstatement of New York's death penalty is the catalyst for this emotion-charged episode. Executive Assistant D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) insists upon using capital punishment to deal with the murderer of an undercover cop. But McCoy's more moderate associate Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) disagrees, citing a powerful argument against execution presented by defense attorney Helen Brolin (Maria Tucci).

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Air date: Nov 1, 1995

The office of a limited-circulation magazine is the scene of three murders. One of the victims, the magazine's editor, had been locked in a power struggle with his brother Peter Nichodos (Peter Frechette). As he prosecutes the cast, Assistant D.A. McCoy runs up against two formidable opponents: Nichodo's mother, Elaine (Sada Thompson), who is determined to save the family business at any cost, and the obstructive rulings of presiding judge Edgar Hynes (Louis Zorich), who happens to be an old friend of McCoy's boss, Adam Schiff (Steven Hill).

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Air date: Nov 8, 1995

Memories of the Patty Hearst affair are invoked in this episode, in which detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) investigate a series of murders committed by a ski mask-wearing holdup team. After the criminals are captured in a deli, it turns out that one member of the team, Leslie Harlin (Amanda Peet), was allegedly kidnapped by the others. Did she willingly participate in the crime spree, or was she acting against her will?

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Air date: Nov 15, 1995

After a coed is murdered, a detailed description of the crime appears online. Once again, detective Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) must rely upon the computer savvy of his partner Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) to track down the perp. Once the accused is in custody, Assistant D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) must deal with the stonewall tactics of the defense attorney.

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Air date: Nov 22, 1995

When a prostitute is murdered, detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) question deli owner McCracken (Brian Smiar), who has a history of harassing hookers. Another likely suspect is plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Danforth (Jonathan Walker), who may have been a client of the dead woman. At the end of the day, it is Assistant D.A. Kincaid (Jill Hennessy), rather than her more experienced associate McCoy (Sam Waterston), who must decide whether the right person has been accused of the crime.

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Air date: Nov 29, 1995

This episode seems to have had its roots in the Susan Smith infanticide case. It all begins when young mother Leah Coleman (Elizabeth Hanly Rice) claims that her baby was kidnapped while she was in a confessional. Detective Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) dutifully helps the woman retrace the events leading up to the disappearance. His action will eventually enable the woman's attorney to offer an offbeat defense in court.

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Air date: Jan 3, 1996

In an echo of a racist incident in Connecticut in 1995, an anti-Semitic "code message" in a high school yearbook may be the key to the murder of an art teacher. Comparatively speaking, tracking down the likely killers is the easy part. The problems for the D.A.'s office begin when McCoy (Sam Waterston) goes head to head with bigoted attorney Roy Paine (Chris Cooper), infamous in legal circles as "the Klan Lawyer."

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Air date: Jan 10, 1996

Thirty years after being convicted on a stabbing-and-rape charge, the accused may be able to get a new trial. This is the result of fresh evidence unearthed by diligent detectives Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Logan (Benjamin Bratt). But the good news for the accused rapist is devastatingly bad news for his alleged victim, Cookie Costello (Anita Gillette), who is terrified that she will again be targeted for assault -- and possibly murder.

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NBC's procedural drama "Law & Order" returns for this sixth series, with more cases involving the NYPD homicide detectives who investigate murders and the DA workers who prosecute them. Returning characters this series include DA Adam Schiff (Steven Hill), Senior Detective Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), detective supervisor Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson), ADA Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy), and Sam Waterston as Executive ADA Jack McCoy; newly arrived is Detective Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), a character who replaces Detective Logan. Stories this season include Briscoe and Curtis's investigation of a violent death at a biker bar, a string of serial murders committed by men in ski masks, and the crib death of an infant. Meanwhile, an accusation from one of McCoy's ex-lovers puts his serious reputation on the line, and as the season winds to a close personal tragedies erupt for several of the men after they watch the execution of a man they've arraigned.


Sam Waterston
as ADA Jack McCoy
Jill Hennessy
as ADA Claire Kincaid
Jerry Orbach
as Det. Lennie Briscoe
Benjamin Bratt
as Det. Reynaldo Curtis
Steven Hill
as Adam Schiff
Richard Brooks (VI)
as ADA Paul Robinette
Kim Raver
as Mrs. Wendy Karmel
Joan Copeland
as Judge Rebecca Stein
Shawn Elliott
as Judge Manuel Leon
Rosemary DeAngelis
as Judge Krieger
Larry Miller
as Club Owner
Josh Hopkins
as Ken Soames
Patrick Breen
as Andrew Gellis
W.T. Martin
as Judge Naughton
Victor Garber
as Paul Sandig
Amber Kain
as Jenny Mays
James Naughton
as Barry Taggert
Linda Emond
as Laura Cochran
Carolyn McCormick
as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Brian Smiar
as Deli Owner
Jerome Preston Bates
as Ernie Bigelow
Karen Williams
as Monica Wickes
Cara Buono
as Shelly Taggert
Lynne Thigpen
as Judge Ida Boucher
Scott Lawrence
as Michael Walters
George Gore II
as Clayton Doyle
Tara Hauptman
as Paula Dean
Liz Larsen
as Lana Halsted
Deborah Lee Johnson
as Margaret Nash
Linda Atkinson
as Judge Gaines
Timothy Landfield
as Ad Executive
Erin Cohen
as Ms. Stadler
Gareth Williams
as Ted Quinlan
Lee Brock
as Donna Corbin
Michael Imperioli
as Johnny Stivers
Patti LuPone
as Ruth Miller
Tovah Feldshuh
as Danielle Melnick
Jonathan Walker
as Plastic Surgeon
Cecelia Hart
as Marcia Stamell
Denis O'Hare
as James Smith
Jeffrey DeMunn
as Norman Rothenberg
Mike Mearian
as Judge Horace Busey
Tom Stechschulte
as Judge Rockwell
Peter Riegert
as Jerold Dixon
Frank Converse
as Lyle Christopher
Reggie Montgomery
as Leon Monroe
Ray Anthony Thomas
as Jerome Bell
Linda Powell
as Emily Wilson
David Rosenbaum
as Judge Alan Berman
William Severs
as Judge Henry Fillmore
John Fiore
as Profaci
Mary Beth Hurt
as Sela Dixon
Joanna Merlin
as Deidre Powell
Clare Wren
as Julia Danforth
Kim Staunton
as Luanne Doyle
Ann Dowd
as Patricia Smith
Dennis Parlato
as Warren Karmel
Len Cariou
as Prof. Mac Geller
Eric Steven Stahl
as Frank Sullivan
Barbara Garrick
as Mrs. Sandig
Byron Jennings
as Richard Brandson
Nan-Lynn Nelson
as Elaine Monroe
Andre Braugher
as Det. Pembleton
Rafael Báez
as Luis Cruz
Leslie Gail
as Elizabeth Nicodos
Anne Twomey
as Mrs. Harlan
Michael Dolan
as Keith Coleman
Michael Dolan
as Keith Coleman
David Little
as Mitch Weiss
Chris Cooper
as Roy Payne
Kim Hamilton
as Marcella Clyne
Gia Galeano
as Detective
as Ross Morales
Sada Thompson
as Elaine Nicodos
Amanda Peet
as Leslie Harlan
Bob Dishy
as Larry Weaver
Tony Darrow
as Joey Giabone
Robert Sella
as Tony Conneca
Doris Belack
as Judge Barry
Ben Hammer
as Judge Herman Mooney
Marisa Redanty
as Cheryl Diggs
Michael Willis
as Father Carner
Isiah Whitlock Jr.
as Simon Brooks
Joe Grifasi
as James Linde
Laila Robins
as Diana Hawthorne
Brooke Smith
as Margot Bell
Mark Zimmerman
as Frederick Scannel
Elizabeth Rice
as Leah Coleman
Jack Vinson
as Matt Hastings
Kyle Secor
as Det. Bayliss
Welker White
as Marla Rubinoff
Edouard DeSoto
as Sal Munoz
Cecilia Hart
as Marcia Stamell
Shawn Hatosy
as Chester Manning
Robby Sella
as Tony Conneca
Ellen Greene
as Karen Gaines
Maria Tucci
as Helen Brolin
Louis Zorich
as Judge Edgar Hynes
Emmanuel Xuereb
as Amos Brady
Jeanne Ruskin
as Alice Marsdale
Tom O'Rourke
as Peter Behrens
Karen Young
as Cassie Rickman
Maryann Plunkett
as Joanne Ellis
Jennifer Bill
as Cathy Briscoe
David Garrison
as Gerald Fox
Elaine Tse
as Joyce Lee
Tim Ransom
as Stillman's Attorney
Peter Frechette
as Peter Nicodos
Jackey Vinson
as Matt Hastings
Jean Claude Lamarre
as Francis Murphy
Emilio del Pozo
as Judge Sierra
Talia Balsam
as Teri Marks
Jean-Claude La Marre
as Francis Murphy
Ellen Pompeo
as Jenna Weber
Tom Tammi
as Mr. Gaines
Robert Knepper
as Danny "Igor" Smith
Sharon Martin
as Megan Maslin
Dan Moran
as Tibor Nichols
Santo Fazio
as Johnny Cobb
Abe Vigoda
as Retired Detective Landis
Timothy Wheeler
as Milton Stillman
Sandy Duncan
as Michelle Kates
Leslie Barrett
as Judge Bonelli
Marilyn Chris
as Mrs. Capetti
Tim Wheeler
as Stillman
Novella Nelson
as Mrs. Washington
John Ramsey
as Judge Walter Schreiber
Lee Wilkof
as Dr. Alvin Sabloff
Leo Cimino
as Mr. Costello
Delaine Yates
as Susan Bauer
Chuck Cooper
as Walters' Attorney
Neil Pepe
as Morrison
Tanya Berezin
as Judge Janine Pate
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Merril Grupp
Peter Ratray
as Charles Hanna
Tom Signorelli
as Mr. Merrick
Sean Ellis (II)
as Jerome Early
John Ventimiglia
as Nick Capetti
James Murtaugh
as Dr. Farnsworth
Sam Schacht
as Louis Bell
Ariyan Johnson
as Angela McDermott
Laura Esterman
as Prof. Florence Cooley
Mark Zeisler
as Richard Kovax
Phil Coccioletti
as Rick Kasteler
Peter Van Wagner
as Jonathan Freeman
Matthew Dixon
as Michael Mirvis
Zach Grenier
as Mr. Aronson
Charlotte Colavin
as Judge Lisa Pongracic
Vince Viverito Sr.
as Mannie Lane
Adam Zolotin
as Lonnie "Nacho" Rickman
Leslie Ayvasian
as Eileen Karmel
Joe Lisi
as Reds Carpenter
Leon B. Stevens
as Judge Albert Parsons
Rochelle Oliver
as Judge Grace Larkin
David Jones
as Mr. Hastings
Alice Liu
as Karyn Sasabe
Chris Messina
as Tommy Bell
Tasha K. Lawrence
as Sally Napoli
Peter Sarsgaard
as Josh Strand
Santiago Douglas
as Eddie Camarillo
Stephen Bradbury
as Jim Nelson
Marianne Hagan
as Marcie Donner
Karen Shallo
as Linda Santoro
Stephanie Berry
as Estelle Walters
John Driver
as Mark Levinsohn
Madison Arnold
as Leonard Jensen
Danton Stone
as Jack Wilderman
Nancy McDoniel
as Sheila Gordon
Adina Porter
as Mary Byman
Daniel Kash
as Sal Franks
Allen Swift
as Abe Pomerance
Jon Lee
as Dr. Robert Hayashi
Oni Faida Lampley
as Sharlene Patterson
María Cellario
as Mrs. Wessel
Joe Paparone
as Charles Fleming
Brettanya Friese
as Celia Gaston
Arthur Nascarella
as Bobby Farina
Rebecca Hollen
as Joyce Brandman
Paul Austin
as Sean Daugherty
Alec Mapa
as Brian Yoshimara
Marilyn Sokol
as Mrs. Rhonda Levine
Jim Bracchitta
as Jerold Spector
Jack Davidson
as Blumberg
Jose Ramon Rosario
as Det. Monfredo
Tony Lip
as Eddie Murrows
Maggie Burke
as Naomi Fleming
John Newton
as Judge Eric Caffey
Afemo Omilami
as Henry Patterson
Richmond Hoxie
as Dr. Lloyd Lipman
Karen Fineman
as Jackie Ruggiero
Richard Russell Ramos
as Father Di Tirro
Matthew Faber
as Scott Wilder
O.L. Duke
as Roscoe Squire
Joe Gonzalez
as Sgt. Gilbert Gonzales
Rebecca Waxman
as Gail Russell
Lloyd Hollar
as Deli Customer
Conan McCarty
as Ethan Floyd
Matt Myers
as 1st Detective
Ray Iannicelli
as Fred Pappas
Marina Durell
as Olivia Valerio
Geoffrey Wade
as Mitchell Weisbrod
David Wissack
as John Wheeler
Tracy Thorne
as Naves Franklin
Angelica Torn
as Sarah Tabor
Mimi Bensinger
as Beatrice Dichter
Harold Miller
as Judge Cyrus Metcalfe
Adam Heller
as Mr. Whiting
Jamie Jones
as Kate Lindsay
Hal Robinson
as Mr. Lasko
Marissa Chibas
as Maggie Randa
Claire Beckman
as Diane Farrow
Kent Broadhurst
as Harry Kingston
Lisa Kron
as CSU Warren
Ray Demattis
as Bob Saner
Arthur Acuña
as Pharmacy Clerk
Ivan Kronenfeld
as Marty Prince
Michelle Hurst
as Ms. Nevins
Lillias White
as Susan Monroe
Wally Dunn
as Edward Odlum
Judd Trichter
as Jerry Hart
Joanne Camp
as Mrs. Hastings
Kerry O'Malley
as Miss Leslie Merrick
Brad Beyer
as Jack Miniver
Chris Bauer
as Mickey Scott
John Tormey
as Alan Krutsky
Patti Allison
as Mrs. Lasko
Keith Jochim
as Podesta
Molly Price
as OCCB Detective Nancy Jones
Ed Hodson
as Forensic Technician
Ron Nakahara
as Gus Christen
Tom Demenkoff
as Mark Whitten
Peter Slutsker
as Off. Wheeler
Rose Arrick
as Dr. Jane Freeland
Arthur Anderson
as Judge Mallory
Paul Schoeffler
as Mr. Hazlitt
James A. Baffico
as Det. Scapelli
Charles Dumas
as Don Van Buren
Lewis Arlt
as John Ralston
Richard Francese
as Bryce Roytan
Frederick Neumann
as Murray Watts
Christopher Wynkoop
as Herbert Jaffe
Stephen Peabody
as Tack Burbank
Josh Pais
as Asst. ME Borak
Skye Bassett
as Mattie Braverman
Vince O'Brien
as Arraignment Judge Franks
Albert Makhtsier
as Sergei Yentakov
Jace Alexander
as Larry Philbert
Bill Christ
as Jamie Ehrenclou
John Carter
as Appellate Judge Newfield
Tresha Rodriguez
as Reporter #1
Pamela Burrell
as Mary Kaylin
Gustave Johnson
as Pat Brice
Michael McCormick
as Marty Gerber
Meghan Andrews
as Brandson Daughter
Nancy Opel
as Henkel
Ross Bickell
as Burt Kaylin
Nicole Leach
as Liana Rogers
Timothy Britten Parker
as Forensic Tech Hoeck
Ray Girardin
as Det. Sal Martel
Helmar Augustus Cooper
as Appellate Judge McNeil
Liana Pai
as Dena Kobata
Daniel Mastrogiorgio
as Perry Behrens
Jordan Mott
as Off. Duffy
Patrick Boll
as Rick Sidney
Tom Flynn
as Frank Miller
Michael Genet
as Henry Davis
Ken Leung
as Forensic Tech Chung
Tom Flynn
as Frank Miller
Jenny Jones
as Mrs. Small
Matt Malloy
as CSU Supervisor
George Guidall
as Simon Wallis
Richard Litt
as Mr. Krinsky
Keely Eastley
as Jury Forewoman
Rick Zieff
as Forensic Tech Rosen
André De Shields
as Dr. Elvin Simmonds
Andrew Weems
as David Silverman
Fred J. Scollay
as Arraignment Judge Barsky
Bill Hoag
as Off. Hack
Phil Parolisi
as Travis Reece
Billy Strong
as Danny Trumbello
George Bartenieff
as Appellate Judge MacNamara
Mark Jupiter
as Mr. Barnes
Herb Downer
as Judge Morris Birch
Kurt Knudson
as Arraignment Judge Waxman
Gibby Brand
as Judge Crackham
Gil Rogers
as Man in Suit
Keith Kirk
as Off. Beaudouin
Rusty Dewees
as Leon Trapp
Reade Kelly
as Harry Ralston
Iris Little Thomas
as Jean Hepley
Kristanna Loken
as Sonya Dubrow
Madeleine Lee Gilford
as Judge Alice Connors
Richard Hughes
as Jeffrey Meyers
Bernard Grant
as Judge Reisman
Count Stovall
as Mr. Laramie
Michael Mislove
as Dr. Gluck
Katherine Hiler
as Young Mother
Victor Truro
as Appellate Judge Spivak
Pat Moya
as Deborah Curtis
Tracie Jade
as Tracy Ettinger
Alvaleta Guess
as Mrs. Morris
Bill Cohen
as Wilson
Lucy Martin
as Judge Taryn Brent
Mimi Michaels
as Vanessa Carey
Alvaletah Guess
as Mrs. Morris
Scott Rabinowitz
as Coroner's Assistant
David Wolos Fonteno
as CSU Tech Murray
D.L. Shroder
as Dr. Sefansky
Maia Danziger
as Mrs. Carey
Karen Kandel
as Margaret White
Diane Tyler
as Dr. Stanley
John Randolph Jones
as Arson Detective
Ed Jupp Jr.
as Marvin Jacobs
Mateo Gomez
as Mr. Garcia
Gordon MacDonald
as Trauma Surgeon
Amy Hohn
as Asst. ME Manning
Arnold Mazer
as Bank Security Manager
Brandon Segarra
as Eddie Garcia
Joseph M. Costa
as Produce Seller
Michael Ingram
as Alan De Simio
Andrew Pang
as Mr. Nakiyama
Brian Delate
as Mickey Leahy
Justin McCarthy
as Randy Ashton
Carol Moore
as Mrs. Slattery
Gary Evans
as Garrison
Nick Corley
as Florist
Susan Willis
as Mrs. Landers
Susan Ross
as Secretary
Merwin Goldsmith
as Arraignment Judge Feist
Joe Bacino
as Dominic Lundstrom
Dustin Evans
as Paramedic
Stacy Highsmith
as Darla Walter
Susanna Frazer
as Jury Foreperson
Larry Sherman
as Judge Colin Fraser
Todd Davis
as Scavenger
DeAnn Mears
as Arraignment Judge Gance
Toby Poser
as Uni Fox
Cortez Nance Jr.
as Mr. Carson
Dan Daily
as Doorman #1
David Bryant
as Reporter #1
Larry Attile
as Williams
Lionel Pina
as Off. Ortega
Eddie Trucco
as Paramedic #2
Aasif Mandvi
as Technician
Michael Hirsch
as Lyndon Whitney
Jay Spadaro
as Court Clerk
Bo Rucker
as Off. Kennedy
Kevin Rock
as 1st Uniformed Policeman
Luis Caballero
as Bodega Owner
John Elsen
as Off. Crain
Craig Bockhorn
as Bartender
Merri Ann Milwe
as Reporter #2
Leo Schaff
as Drug Customer #1
Joe Sharkey
as Doorman #2
Chris Ceraso
as Allen DeLuca
Joel Rooks
as Mr. Baron
Joan Bogden
as Mrs. Dublinsky
Tom Grunke
as Worker
Jeffrey Donovan
as Eddie Nicodos
Alex Draper
as CSU Tech Flamino
Julian Gamble
as Councilman Jack Rabe
Alem Brhan Sapp
as Drug Customer #2
Alison Graham
as Court Clerk
Rick Gomez
as Ticket Taker
Frank Guy
as Court Clerk
Jim Siatkowski
as Board of Education Lawyer
Joe Pentangelo
as CSU Phillips
Jody Wood
as CSU Technician
Toni James
as Jury Forewoman
Irene Glezos
as Female Grand Juror
Michael F. Boyle
as Port Authority Policeman
James McCauley
as CSU Tech Dremluk
John Finnerty
as 1st Uniformed Policeman
Edward D. Murphy
as CSU Tech Bailey
John Nacco
as Mr. Libby
Mark Casella
as Coworker
Neva Small
as Receptionist
Tico Wells
as 1st Uniformed Policeman
Larry S. Gregory
as 1st Uniformed Policeman
Chris Walker
as CSU Tech Cummings
Wiley Moore
as Off. Jones
Lil Henderson
as Jury Forewoman
Jim Lavin
as Uniformed Policeman
Christine Farrell
as Angela Shrier
Tim Kirkpatrick
as Court Clerk
Scott Nicholson
as Court Officer
John Rainer
as Juror #2
Richard Mawe
as Jury Foreperson
Paul Albe
as Asst. Medical Examiner
Robert Poletick
as 2nd Reporter
Joe Passaro
as CSU Technician
Frank Martin
as Mounted Policeman #2
Robert Coffin
as Court Clerk
Tamara Daniels
as Schiff's Secretary
Jose Rabelo
as Juror #3
Jean Richards
as Jury Forewoman
Drew Militano
as Arraignment Court Clerk
Susan Willerman
as Court Clerk
Michael Noth
as Sentencing Court Clerk
Keenan Shimizu
as Det. Kwan
Ariane Brandt
as Woman #1
Janet Young
as Woman #2
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There's still nothing quite like watching an old episode of "L&O" from the Lennie Briscoe era.

Apr 20, 2020 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

Overall, the sixth season of Law & Order is one of the strongest of the series, and is the beginning of a run of greatness for the show

Sep 20, 1995 | Rating: 7/10 | Full Review…

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