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After already witnessing the confrontation in the hatch play out from two different perspectives, the events now play out as Kate experienced them. Once Desmond is overpowered, he frantically explains that he was participating in a solo sailing race around the world when his boat hit a reef and a man named Kevin came to his rescue. After brining Desmond down into the hatch, Kevin informs him that a special sequence of numbers must be entered into the computer every 108 minutes in order to "save the world." In order to back his claim up Desmond directs Locke and Jack's attention to an orientation film produced by the Dharma Initiative - a countercultural research project initiated in the 1970s - in which an official looking man in a white lab coat provides instructions for entering the numbers. While Jack is convinced that the whole thing is little more than a psychological experiment, Locke isn't quite sure and Desmond struggles to fix the computer, which was damaged in the stand off. Eventually, Desmond flees, leaving Sayid to repair the computer just in time to enter the numbers. In flashbacks, Locke's girlfriend Helen proves to him that sometimes in life it's worth taking a leap of faith - a lesson that Locke conveys to the skeptical Jack while trying to convince him that entering the numbers could be a matter of life or death. Back on another part of the island, Jin, Michael, and Sawyer's captors throw the confused trio into an underground cage.


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