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As Shannon falls dying into Sayid's arms, the insanity within him begins to swell and he turns his gun on Ana Lucia - who fired the fatal bullet. Thinking fast, Mr. Eko is able to subdue Sayid before he exacts his vengeance, and Ana Lucia knocks Sayid out and assets her leadership. Through flashbacks, it's gradually revealed that Ana Lucia hails from a long line of cops but a sudden tragedy nearly killed her. When Sayid regains consciousness, Ana Lucia finds hear authority challenged from all sides: Michael and Jin want to rush the ailing Sawyer back to the camp, and Bernard wants desperately to be reunited with Rose. Still, Ana Lucia does her best to regain control despite the fact that she is clearly slipping. Eventually, after Mr. Eko picks up Sawyer and informs Ana Lucia that he is taking the sick man back to the camp in direct opposition to her orders, she relents. The others are quick to follow, leaving Ana Lucia and the enraged Sayid alone together. As Jin leads his friends back to the camp for an emotional reunion, Ana Lucia throws caution to the wind by cutting Sayid free and dropping the gun at his feet.


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