What Kate Did


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As the survivors lay Kate to rest and Sayid's eloquent eulogy for Shannon moves the mourners to tears, Kate experiences a vivid vision that sends he back to the days when she first became a fugitive. As the dawn washes over the beach where Jin and Sun share a quiet moment together, Kate climbs up a tall tree in hopes of gathering some mangoes. Though a clumsy slip as she slides down the trunk of the tree throws Kate momentarily off balance, she eventually regains her footing while gathering the fruit and glimpses what seems an impossible sight - a beautiful black horse standing just a few yards away. Flashing back to a pivotal night in her childhood home, Kate recalls waiting on the stairs for her father to arrive home. When the old louse does finally show up, it's obvious he's drunk and that his intentions are far less than fatherly. Eventually, Kate manages to fend off his awkward advances. After tucking him in bed, Kate gets on her motorcycle casually rides away as the house erupts into flames. Unfortunately for Kate the authorities are faster than she suspected, and as she tries to catch the next bus out of town she is easily apprehended by the marshal with whom she would later board Oceanic Flight 815. That night, while being escorted back to Iowa by the marshal during a torrential downpour, Kate escapes after her captor crashes into a telephone three after swerving to avoid a black horse in the middle of the road. Later, in the hatch, Kate leaves Sawyer and the computer unattended following a disturbing incident.


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