The Cost of Living
Lost Season 3

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The demons of the past return to taunt Mr. Eko as Locke leads a search party into the jungle hoping to locate the missing castaways. Upon awakening from a dream about the time he and his brother Yemi were caught stealing food from the church pantry, Mr. Eko awakens to find Yemi in the tent imploring him to confess his past sins. Meanwhile, Ben brings Jack to Colleen's funeral, but denies that the tumor is his when the grieving doctor presses for information. When Sayid updates locks after returning to the camp with Jin and Sun, Locke suggests trying to use the computer at the Pearl station to contact the Others. Perhaps if they can start a dialogue with their enemies there is a chance that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer will be released. As Locke speculates that Mr. Eko is on his way to the plane that sits atop the Pearl station entrance, Mr. Eko recalls the time he returned to the church following Yemi's death. After informing Amina that he is Father Yemi's replacement, the pair hears gunshots outside. Emeka and the gang have come to demand the vaccine, casually killing an innocent woman to prove just how serious they are. Should they not have the vaccine when the gang returns a few days later, the situation promises to deteriorate even further. After stumbling through the foliage delirious and suffering multiple hallucinations, Mr. Eko has a confrontation with the smoke monster that ends with Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki, and Paulo appearing on the opposite side of the river. As the group makes their way to the Pearl station, Ben reveals that his plan to break Jack was ruined when Jack saw the x-rays, a conversation that culminates with the leader of the Others humbly asking the doctor to save his life. As Mr. Eko's thoughts drift back to Nigeria once again, he recalls his plans to steal the vaccine for himself and the violent slaughter that followed. In the aftermath of the violence the church is boarded up since it is no longer sacred, leaving Mr. Eko to feel as if he owes his brother a church. Deep in the Hydra station, Juliet pretends to show Jack a movie while pleading with him to kill Ben during the operation while making it look like an accident. Simultaneously, in the Pearl station, Sayid fails in his efforts to contact the Others but is shocked to see a mysterious man in one of the few working monitors. As Yemi appears to Mr. Eko again demanding that he repent for his sins, Mr. Eko refuses, claiming that he didn't sin since he killed to protect his family. Just as Mr. Eko defies his brother, the smoke monster appears to deliver a devastating blow. As Locke kneels down to comfort Mr. Eko in his final moments, the dying man delivers an ominous warning.


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