I Do
Lost Season 3

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As Jack makes his final decision regarding Ben's offer, Kate begins to fear that Pickett may finally follow through on his grim promise to kill the rebellious Sawyer. Back in more carefree days, Kate is in her hotel room admiring her wedding veil when a policeman knocks on the door demanding to be let in immediately. When the door flies open Kate and her future husband Kevin joyously embrace one another. Though Kate may be having second thoughts about the union, Kevin confidently assures her that love will see the couple through any future struggles. Back on the island, a look at Ben's x-rays and medical files leads Jack to believe that Ben's tumor will be inoperable within the week. If Ben has any hope for survival, he will need to be operated on immediately; the only catch is that jack refuses to operate. Later Sayid voices skepticism when Locke claims that an animal killed Mr. Eko. Though Sayid eventually gets Locke to admit that it was the "monster" that killed Mr. Eko and not a wild animal, Locke doesn't believe in monsters anymore. Back at the Others' compound, an alarm sounds as Alex emerges from the jungle on a frantic search for her boyfriend. She claims that the rest of the Others killed him and that Sawyer is next. Later, Juliet tells Kate that the only way she can save Sawyer's life is to convince Jack to operate on Ben. Though she does her best to pursued Jack to follow through with the operation, Jack is infuriated that she would believe anything they say. Back at the wedding alter, Kate flinches when the minister mentions the importance of honesty in marriage since her groom doesn't even know her real name. She later phones the U.S. Marshal pursuing her and pleads with him to call off the chase, and is shocked that he agrees on the condition that she finally settle down. When Sawyer reveals to Kate that he is glad Jack won't operate on Ben, she escapes from her cage and breaks into his. Suddenly overcome with emotion and passion, the imprisoned couple connects like never before. Back at the camp, Locke lays Mr. Eko to rest and finally receives his message as a mysterious figure unlocks Jack's door back at the Hydra station. After making his way to the monitors, Jack is crushed to see Kate and Sawyer making love in Sawyer's cage. Suddenly, Ben appears directly behind Jack, who agrees to perform the operation if Ben makes good on his promise to get Jack off of the island. In a flashback, Kate is relieved to discover that she isn't pregnant as suspected. Realizing that she will never settle down, the newly married fugitive makes a hasty departure. As Jack begins to operate on Ben, Pickett rushes to Sawyer's cage and prepares to execute him while Kate watches. Things quickly take a turn for the chaotic, however, when Friendly calls back to the operating room on his walkie-talkie and Jack threatens to let Ben die if they don't allow Kate and Sawyer free. The only way Jack will know for sure that they have escaped is if Kate radios him once they are safe and tells him the story she shared on the day of the crash. Though Kate responds that she's not going anywhere without Jack, he screams at her to run.


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