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As Sayid, Locke, Kate, and Rousseau navigate the jungle in search of the Others' camp, a curious discovery leads the former Republican Guard to recall a time when his demons caught up with him. After finding a cow in the jungle, the curious travelers discover a farmhouse sporting a gigantic satellite dish. The presumed resident, a one-eyed man the group had previously seen on the Pearl station monitor, is standing nearby. Curious, Sayid walks over to strike up a conversation as Locke and Kate cover him from behind and Rousseau slips back into the jungle. Flashing back to the past, Sayid recalls the time he worked in a Paris restaurant. One day, a fellow Iraqi named Sami came into the restaurant and attempted to lure Sayid away with a lucrative job offer. According to Sami, his restaurant is much nicer than the one where Sayid currently works. When Sayid attempts to take Sami up on his offer, the restaurateur's wife Amira - a former victim of Sayid's excruciating brand of interrogation - gives the cue to take her former captor prisoner. At first Sayid denies torturing Amira, prompting Sami to try and beat a confession out of their captive. Later, when Amira tells Sayid the story of a tortured cat that she rescued and how the experience helped her overcome her own trauma, Sayid admits that he is indeed the man who tortured her back in Iraq. Much to Sayid's surprise, Amira forgives him. Meanwhile, as Sawyer challenges his fellow survivors to a ping pong tournament on the beach, Sayid is shot in the shoulder by the one-eyed man while attempting to approach the farmhouse. When the man comes to check on Sayid, Locke and Kate hold him at gunpoint. After revealing himself to be Mikhail Bakunin, the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative, the man takes Sayid inside the farmhouse to remove the bullet. Once inside, Mikhail reveals to the group that the farmhouse is actually known as the Flame Station to the islanders, and that the purpose of the station is to communicate with the outside world. The Dharma Initiative members had previously been wiped out by the Hostiles, and the only reasons Mikhail survived was by avoiding battle and subsequently agreeing never to set foot in the valley again. As Sayid begins to question Mikhail the situation grows tense once again, eventually resulting in a tense standoff between Mikhail and Locke, and Sayid and Klugh. Though the group had made some pretty interesting discoveries in the farmhouse, all hopes for a rescue quickly go up in flames when it explodes into a massive fireball. Apparently, an innocent game of chess that Locke played on Mikhail's computer was much more than a simple means of passing time on a deserted island.


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