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Season 6

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Lost's shift in central mythology won't satisfy all viewers, but persistent fans will find solace in the show's strong performances and continued dedication to its themes.



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Air date: Feb 2, 2010
Air date: Feb 2, 2010
Air date: Feb 9, 2010
Air date: Feb 16, 2010
Air date: Feb 23, 2010
Air date: Mar 2, 2010
Air date: Mar 9, 2010
Air date: Mar 16, 2010
Air date: Mar 23, 2010
Air date: Mar 30, 2010
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The highly-anticipated sixth series concludes this enigmatic time-traveling series on two fronts: the story of survival, escape and understanding among multiple factions on the island; and an intriguing "flash sideways" to present-day Los Angeles in which Oceanic flight 815 never crashed. The latter is highlighted by Ben (Michael Emerson) and Locke (Terry O'Quinn) as schoolteachers; Sawyer (Josh Holloway) as a cop; Jack (Matthew Fox) as a father; Kate's (Evangeline Lilly) flight from the law; the return of Libby (Cynthia Watros) in a touching episode with Hurley (Jorge Garcia); and, ultimately, two unexpected characters on a scrambling mission to round up passengers from the flight. On the island, revelations are made about Locke's dark and destructive character, who wars with both Widmore's (Alan Dale) crew and the group led by Jack and Hurley, who look to carry out the all-important intentions of Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). Two of the most satisfying episodes feature flashbacks to the island's earliest days that provide long-sought background on Richard (Nestor Carbonell, in episode nine) and Jacob (episode 15). By the moving finale, not every piece to the six-year puzzle fits neatly into place, but series die-hards are hard-pressed to leave without an emotional appreciation for the exhilarating ride.


Josh Holloway
as Sawyer
Jorge Garcia
as Hurley
Nestor Carbonell
as Richard Alpert
Jeff Fahey
as Frank Lapidus
Alan Dale
as Charles Widmore
Kimberley Joseph
as Cindy Chandler
Kenton Duty
as Teenage Boy
Daniel Roebuck
as Dr. Leslie Artz
François Chau
as Pierre Chang
Neil Hopkins
as Liam Pace
Andrea Gabriel
as Noor 'Nadia' Abed Jaseem
Titus Welliver
as Man in Black
Anthony Azizi
as Omar/Arabic Man
John Terry
as Christian Shephard
Dayo Ade
as Justin
Sonya Walger
as Penny Widmore
Fredric Lehne
as Edward Mars
Sean Whalen
as Frogurt
Christopher McGahan
as Techie No. 1
Troy Vincent
as Oceanic Rep
Troy Vincent
as Oceanic Rep
David Coennen
as Customs Agent Smalley
Percival Scott III
as LAX Security Officer
Veronica Hamel
as Margo Shephard
William Mapother
as Ethan Goodspeed
Kesha Diodato
as Customs Agent Anne
Kelly Kraynek
as Woman in Ladies Room
Eric Nemoto
as Oceanic Rep
Kevin Tighe
as Anthony Cooper
Mark Ahsing
as Customs Officer
Shawn Lathrop
as Flight Attendant
Andrew Divoff
as Mikhail Bakunin
Mira Furlan
as Danielle Rousseau
Steven Elder
as Jonas Whitfield
Suzanne Krull
as Lynn Karnoff
Jon Gries
as Roger Linus
William Atherton
as Principal Don Reynolds
Juan Carlos Cantu
as Father Suarez
Teresa Huang
as Surgeon
Lillian Hurst
as Carmen Reyes
Bruce Davison
as Dr. Douglas Brooks
Sean Kinerney
as Japanese Boy
Izzy Diaz
as Ignacio
Ivo Nandi
as Oldest Hunter
Casey Adams
as Wheeler
Fisher Stevens
as George Minkowski
Joshua Smith
as School Kid
Chad Donella
as Desk Clerk
Davo Coria
as Servant
Yvonne Midkiff
as Receptionist
Allen Cole
as Duty Sergeant
Ken Elliott
as Orderly
Jenni Blong
as Lindsey
Sonya Masinovsky
as Russian Nurse
Alan Seabock
as Sub captain
Tania Kahale
as Admitting Nurse
Wendy Pearson
as Nurse Kondracki
Christopher Johnson
as Police Officer
David Griffith
as Screaming Other
Ashlee Kyker
as Student
Yasmin Dar
as MFCU Nurse
Traci Lee Burgard
as Det. Rasmussen
Ernesto Lopez
as LAPD Officer
Grisel Toledo
as Nurse Tyra
Haley Williams
as Assistant
Gerard Elmore
as Clipboard Guy
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Critic Reviews for Lost Season 6

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Certainly it was more rewarding than The Sopranos and Seinfeld, both of which didn't end so much as stop, and we're grateful the writers didn't go the the route of Newhart or St. Elsewhere.

Mar 6, 2018 | Full Review…

"The Last Recruit" put many of those fears to rest, reminding me that even when Darlton seem to be dragging their feet within either an episode or a season, they generally have a plan for what to do when it's time to start moving quickly.

Feb 2, 2010 | Full Review…

The finale of 'Lost' is not bad. It is not the best that they could have offered, but it is not so horrible that it automatically invalidates all the rest of the series. [Full Review in Spanish]

Aug 20, 2019 | Full Review…

The producer's foolishness in deciding to mix sprinklings of false faiths in with the true not only undercut the spiritual value of the show, it undercut the entertainment value of it as well.

Oct 3, 2018 | Full Review…

I can actually live with where they ultimately took this flash sideways business, for the most part, because I'm willing to accept the show for what it is.

Jun 19, 2018 | Full Review…

Remember Lost, because its type is not returning to TV anytime soon, if at all.

May 15, 2018 | Full Review…

I enjoyed the eerie and opaque variations on the "plane lands" timeline, and my heart is open, open, open.

Jun 26, 2018 | Full Review…

Lost has still got it.

Apr 3, 2018 | Full Review…

Trust me when I say we have questions and comments to be made during the hiatus. For now though, we're going to let the episode sit and marinate in our minds.

Mar 6, 2018 | Full Review…

For die-hard Lost fans, it was awesome to see so many references and appearances from classic characters, including a big one of Claire towards the end.

Mar 6, 2018 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Lost: Season 6

  • Jul 01, 2019
    Loved the final season. One of the more satisfying series finales.
  • Jun 02, 2019
    Perfect series, Perfect final, I don't know what can I say, the best series of all times
  • Dec 31, 2018
    You know how you can really tell if a show is good? You rewatch it every other year and make others watch it with you just so you can talk about it with them lol... Yes I do that :P
  • Dec 28, 2018
    Wrapping up such an intricate plot and mysterious mythology sometimes get a little messy, but still Lost pulls it off and thanks to the always-endearing character development arcs, Lost finale season pays off.
  • Nov 04, 2018
    O final não foi o que todos os fãs esperavam (incluindo eu), mas, mesmo assim, foi um final brilhantemente produzido. Mais uma temporada teria sido boa para poderem ter feito um final mais adequado... Adorei cada minuto de cada episódio.
  • Aug 26, 2018
    Overall, I was satisfied with the last season of "Lost." It was emotionally satisfying. However, with many unanswered questions, I won't recommend the series to anyone else and I honestly think I won't revisit the show anytime soon (or ever).
  • Jan 05, 2018
    Lost is still a phenomenal show and one of my favorites but honestly this ending wasn't very good.
  • Jul 12, 2017
    Even when unrealistic, Lost is still able to be convince its audience and be great. The show is very well written for all six seasons, and ends just on the perfect note. All of the actors, main and supporting, play their characters perfectly. Although there are some occasional plot holes, they are filled with Lost's originality and ability to leave its viewers in deep thought.
  • Mar 05, 2017
    When dealing with the realm of mystery, it is much more difficult to end a show than it is to begin one. Just the way that the TV viewing experience is laid out, it ends up being more exciting to discover a new mystery than to solve that same one later on. The Sixth Season of LOST, solid as it may be, falls a bit prey to that concept, and isn't helped by what I consider to be a few blunders (or odd choices) in how they move the pieces around to set up the ending. As such, S6 ends up being the first season I had to drop below a 4.5 star rating. It's still very entertaining, challenging, and emotional, but I believe it suffers from two key flaws (which will be discussed later). Let me get two things off my chest right off the bat, however: First, I am not angry at this season for "not providing enough answers". The writers on the show actually do a remarkable job of tying off nearly all of the loose ends or plot points that had been brought up in the previous five seasons. Like I mentioned above, however, I just think it is human nature to be more intrigued by the discovery of a mystery than the solving of it. For example, hearing the whispers in the jungle back in S1 is more exciting than literally being told (by Hurley in S6) what they are. So, though by no fault of its own, this season was going to struggle a bit to clear the impossibly high bar it set for itself. Also, I am the furthest thing from a "finale hater". In fact, I consider "The End" to be perhaps the greatest final episode I've ever seen from a TV series. In a show known for its mysteries and strong, developed characters, the writers take on the ultimate mystery at the end: the afterlife, using those characters as conduits to it. What an incredible concept! I give enormous credit to showrunners Damon Lindelof & Carleton Cuse for "going big" in that sense. There were also some individual episodes that really stand out here in S6: -"Dr. Linus" is an incredible treatise on Ben's character. -"Ab Aeterno" & "Across The Sea" really dig into the island mythology by examining the previous lives of Jacob and the Man in Black. To be honest, I think the show could have even focused more on this arc, as to me it represented (until the finale) the best portions of this season. -"What THey Died For" also contains a number of iconic moments, including a meeting around a campfire that viewers had been looking forward to since, well, almost the beginning of the show, really. Going back to what I teased earlier, though, there are two things that I felt dragged this season down a bit (and pretty obviously cement it as my least favorite of the six): 1. The on-island goings-on often feel like chess moves in order to set up the final 2-3 episodes. The material at the Temple never resonated with me (even after a second viewing), and then various groups are introduced and quickly killed off or broken up seemingly every episode. It just really felt to me like the entire season was plotted to get to "What They Died For". This is unlike previous seasons of the show, which unspooled at a bit of a more leisurely pace (at least in terms of physical locations and travel). Again, perhaps this is INHERENT in ending a story, but still it felt like a bit of a letdown. Later, showrunner Lindelof would face a similar situation in ending "The Leftovers", and in that case the final season was more of its own contained thing until the very end (not feeling like as much of a setup). Perhaps a lesson learned? 2. The flash-sideways are almost a bit too ambitious, and even perhaps a little misleading. The S5 finale posits that Juliet's bomb-explosion may have reset time to where Oceanic 815 never crashes. That seems to be exactly what we get at the beginning of S6...until of course it isn't. I'm usually up for inventive and tricky storytelling, but that felt more like intentional misleading the audience than anything. I mean, no one was ever going to guess that the flash-sideways were the "prelude to the afterlife" to begin with, so why the need to be tricky about it? On both my viewings of this season, I felt more confused than anything at trying to figure out exactly what I was seeing. This is a classic case, I guess, of the old conundrum: If you aren't told what you having been seeing all along until the very end, does that make the writing brilliant or manipulative? I ride the fence on this one a bit, as I love the concept of the finale but do also think that some of the flash-sideways material was kind of a "cheat" to get us there. So, for me, this final season of LOST will always be all about the finale and how emotionally touching and philosophically intriguing it is. It was going to be impossible to please everyone in ending an iconic show that literally changed the way TV is viewed forever. As discussed, I have my own issues with the season, but it wasn't "bad" by a long shot. It just wasn't as awe-inspiring (until "The End") as most of what had come before in seasons 1-5.
  • Aug 30, 2016
    ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** After excellent five seasons, expectations were high for the last season of one of the greatest shows ever made. Unfortunately, Lost failed to fulfill those expectations. First of all, let me say that Lost is my favorite show of the past decade. I enjoyed every twist, every reveal and every cliffhanger to date. I loved the season 5 finale(The Incident) and was thrilled to find out which direction the show would take to bid farewell. Soon into the premiere, we find out that Faraday's plan did not work. They were still on the island. And what came next was the dull, boring and unconvincing Temple storyline. I watched the show several times and I actually do not remember anything that happened in the Temple. The B storyline(Sun, Ilana, Frank, Man in Black), was equally frustrating. Nothing actually happened until the great tragedy that happened in The Candidate(death of Sun, Jin and Sayid) Another thing that happened this season was the introduction to flash-sideways. I loved the idea(eternal fan of alternate universes), but that idea was(at least in the beginning) poorly executed. Until Desmond-centered episode, the flash sideways had no purpose for the characters, and neither did for us. To be honest, I did not enjoy the Richard-centered Ab Aeterno(which is a critical darling), but I loved Desmond-centered episode(Happily Ever After). All that negativity aside, the last four episodes were incredible and almost pitch-perfect. The show picked up its pace and delivered a very strong ending both on- and off-island. The Jack-Christian talk in the end is one of my favorite moments ever. Lost will no doubt be wrtitten in the history of television of one of the most popular phenomenons of modern time. And I feel proud to have been on its path for so many times.

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