Malcolm Babysits


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Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) wants his parents to buy him a robotics kit. Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) tells him to use the money he'll make from babysitting. Hal (Bryan Cranston) warns him that robots are evil. Malcolm tells us of his frustration: "I tell them my needs, they say no, then Dad reveals another cartoon character he's afraid of." Malcolm starts babysitting for an impossibly kind and perfect family (they put the kids to bed before they go out, they feed Malcolm, and they round up his hours) in their lovely, satellite TV-enhanced home. Hal and Lois learn that their house is infested, thanks to Dewey's (Erik Per Sullivan) odd eating habits, and the family moves into a trailer on the front lawn while the house is fumigated. Embarrassed by his family, Malcolm spends more and more time at his new job. The close quarters and the heat cause a lot of friction, and Hal and Lois find themselves unable to make up in their usual matter. Meanwhile, Francis (Christopher Kennedy Masterson) and Stanley (Karim Prince) find out that the military school has a few skeletons in its closet, or, more accurately, one skeleton, belonging to the school's former janitor, Lester.


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