Man Seeking Woman (2015 - 2017)

Man Seeking Woman


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Following a naive twentysomething's unrelenting quest for love.

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Critics Consensus: Man Seeking Woman explores new avenues of storytelling in season 3, while maintaining its excellent absurdist humor and imaginative dealings with relatable relationship issues.

2017, FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

2016, FXX, 10 episodes

Critics Consensus: Amusingly surrealistic and enjoyably odd, Man Seeking Woman is easy to fall for, taking a ridiculously funny approach to a common theme.

2015, FXX, 10 episodes


Jay Baruchel
as Josh Greenberg
Maya Erskine
as Maggie
Jeff Pangman
as Charles Powell
Dan Duran
as Political Anchor
Aaron Hammond
as The Kyle
Robin Givens
as Vicki Claus
Fred Armisen
as Jesus Christ
Thom Marriott
as Lieutenant
Tzi Ma
as Sheng
Bill Lake
as Police Captain
Paul McGuire
as Reporter #4
Samer Salem
as Rookie Cop
Jesse Camacho
as Pete Hoffman
Lisa Codrington
as Dr. Sheila Evans
Brittany Drisdelle
as Alice Hoffman
Justin Mader
as Male Anchor
Kevin Finn
as Naked Lover #1
Stephanie Kaliner
as Den of Bliss Clerk
Vitali Makarov
as Dr. Orlaf
Andy Malone
as Naked Lover #2
Chloe Wilde
as Female Newscaster
Tessa Bonhomme
as Female Anchor
Clyde Whitham
as Middle Aged Man
Tayo Jacob
as Audience Member #1
Amanda Brooke Perrin
as Bless You Woman
Clara Pasieka
as Bored Girl
Marsha Mason
as Audience Member #2
Michelle Arvizu
as McQuaid's Wife
Ali Hassan
as Bodega Guy
Mike Jackson
as Reporter #1
Imali Perera
as Dr. Gavde
Chick Roberts
as Judge #1
Bernard Kay
as Judge #2
Helen King
as Middle Aged Woman
Kyle Kass
as Valeron
Eric Fink
as Jazz Drummer
Alli Chung
as Woman #1
Vivianne Collins
as Reporter #2
Pasqualina Cardu
as Reporter #3
Carla Bennett
as Backup Singer #1
Joslyn Rogers
as Female Porn Star
Andy Hull
as Cop #1
Natalie Moore
as Backup Singer #2
Cole Promane
as Minion #1
Hartley Gorenstein
as Male Porn Star
Andrew Markowiak
as Male Server
Charlie Ebbs
as Farmer #1
Amy Lester
as Minion #2
Iman Haji
as Woman #4
Amish Patel
as Computer Student
Maddox Campbell
as Crazed Rosa Fan
Lisa Auguste
as Backup Singer #3
Jillian Rees Brown
as Paycheck Assistant
Steve Coombes
as Farmer #2
Alys Crocker
as Female Friend
Darryl Dinn
as Rosa Fan #1
Paul Johnston
as Volunteer Search Crowd
Michael Musi
as Rosa Fan #2
Chad Camilleri
as Grim Reaper
Ivan Sherry
as Cult Member #1
Bryan Abalos
as Volunteer Search Crowd
Diane L. Johnstone
as Cult Member #2
Tal Shulman
as Rosa Fan #3
Hannan Younis
as Volunteer Search Crowd
Jeff Dingle
as Volunteer Search Crowd
Brenda Somers
as Cult Member #3
Alethia McIntosh
as Choir Member #1
Goran Stjepanovic
as Russian Poacher #1
Patrick Ronan
as Nerdy Guy #1
Colin Doyle
as Nerdy Guy #2
Johnie Chase
as Choir Member #2
Neven Pajkic
as Russian Poacher #2
Wayne Catania
as Choir Member #3
Jill Frappier
as Female Judge
Charles Di Raimondo
as Choir Member #4
Vanessa Cobham
as Choir Member #5
Gary Scriven
as Drummer
Brian Dinsdale
as Trumpet Player
Philip Trow
as Trombone Player
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