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Married...With Children (1987 - 1997)

Married...With Children (1987 - 1997)






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This lowbrow hit about the Bundys, TV's first family of raunch, made the new Fox network a player. The long-running series prospered despite threats of sponsor boycotts and the ire of some critics, who objected to the show's offbeat, sometimes coarse humor. TV Guide's reviewer, however, applauded the sharp, funny lines, calling the series an antidote to the `hundreds of sugary [sitcoms] that have rolled blandly across American screens since the beginning of television time.'
Creator: Michael G. Moye

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1996, FOX, 24 episodes

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1995, FOX, 26 episodes

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1994, FOX, 26 episodes

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1993, FOX, 26 episodes

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1992, FOX, 26 episodes

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1991, FOX, 26 episodes

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1990, FOX, 25 episodes

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1989, FOX, 23 episodes


Ed O'Neill
as Al Bundy
Katey Sagal
as Peggy Bundy
Kevin Curran
as Buck the dog
David Faustino
as Bud Bundy
Amanda Bearse
as Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy
David Garrison
as Steve Rhoades
Kathleen Freeman
as Voice of Mrs. Wanker
Ted McGinley
as Jefferson D'Arcy
Shane Sweet
as Seven Bundy
Debbe Dunning
as Rochelle
Helena Apothaker
as Butter Lefkowitz
Monty Hoffman
as Bartender
Diana Bellamy
as Customer #1
Judy Kain
as Sheila
Dan Gauthier
as Kelly's Boyfriend
Nick Toth
as Computer Voice
Terry Murphy
as Herself
Tina Yothers
as Herself
Lora Zane
as Ms. Weigel
Dan Frishman
as Mr. Williams
Beth Broderick
as Miss Penza
Robert Mandan
as Walter Traugott
Oliver Muirhead
as Mr. Blithers
Eva La Rue
as Carrie
Roy Fegan
as Team Officer
Joe Namath
as Himself
Mike Piazza
as Himself
Marianne Muellereile
as Health Inspector
Gita Isak
as Motorist #2
Lisa Boyle
as Bubbles Double Dee
John Bloom
as Billy Ray
Joseph Bologna
as Charlie Verducci
Joey Sagal
as Man with Nose
Peter Steinfeld
as Lifeguard
Teri Weigel
as First Customer
Renee Tenison
as Macademia
Leland Orser
as Director
Gary Grubbs
as Delbert
Heidi Mark
as Ashley
Joey Lauren Adams
as Mona Mullins
Todd McLaren
as NBC Announcer
Bill Oddie
as Winston
Jodie Mann
as Cashier
Larry McKay
as News Anchor
Karen Lynn Scott
as Aunt Heather
Bobbie Brown
as Nibbles
Bill Applebaum
as Tim Potter
Carol Gustafson
as Principal Ravinko
Lisa Fuhrman
as Jeannie
Terry Hoyos
as Mrs. Garcia
Johnny Bench
as Himself
Allan Trautman
as Barbiephile
Dion Anderson
as Fryer Tuck
Jennifer Wade
as Cheerleader
April Wayne
as Muffy, Saleswoman
Charlie Brill
as Eugene Bundy
James Paradise
as Slick Stick Jackson
Marilyn Kagan
as Dr. Angela
Tiiu Leek
as TV Announcer
Ronald Pitts
as TV Announcer
Ria Pavia
as Kitty
Frank A. Montaño
as Station Manager
Cynthia Allison
as News Anchor
Gerald Emerick
as Man Behind Al
Cleto Augusto
as The Director
Richard Kline
as Flint Guccione
Linda Dona
as Tawney
Dick Durock
as Chainsaw
Tom Tully
as Harold
Matt McKenzie
as Reporter
Angel Broadhurst
as Salt Water
Dinah Lenney
as Talk Show Host
Tom Reilly
as Caterer
Gary Epp
as Guard
Edd Hall
as Tour Guide
Gary Coleman
as Inspector
Dave Ruby
as Hummer
Joe Bologna
as Charlie
Alix Elias
as Louise
Abraham Benrubi
as Baby Bundy
Richard Paul
as Sheriff
Melissa Chan
as Reporter #4
Cliff Bemis
as Termite Boss
Lisa Raggio
as Connie Bender
Georgi Irene
as Samantha
Shae Marks
as Customer
Rick Overton
as Dr. Fisher
Sue Ann Gilfillan
as Customer #2
Mike Hagerty
as Coroner
Mik Scriba
as Mr. Blum
James O'Doherty
as Pageant Master
Tina Louise
as Miss Beck
Earl Billings
as Demerson
Jim O'Doherty
as Game Show Host
as Themselves
Ray Clay
as PA Announcer
Larry Brown
as Himself
Howie Long
as Himself
Robert Petkoff
as Delivery Boy
Ken Thorley
as Jury Foreman
Rick Zumwalt
as Gambler
B.B. King
as Street Singer
Elizabeth Giordano
as Receptionist
Charlotte Booker
as Miss Parker
Ron Evans
as Rodrigo
Bryn Erin
as Naomi
Clint Howard
as Janitor
Harry Murphy
as Mr. Bennett
Chris Young
as Jackson
Kevin Spirtas
as Instructor
Pauly Shore
as Captain
Hartley Silver
as Storekeeper Jim
Stan Chandler
as Bank Nerd #1
Fred Sanders
as Iskowitz
Ernie Banks
as Himself
Larry Bagby
as Clements
Fran Montano
as Station Manager
Rif Hutton
as Bailiff
Mindy Seeger
as Jeannie
Dennis Phun
as Chinese Actor
Kenneth Danziger
as Auctioneer
Todd Parker
as Officer Stan
Alex McLeod
as Coed #1
Sonya Eddy
as Arlene
Tina New
as Debbie
Lynn Austin
as Peaches
Beverly Archer
as Miss Hardaway
Bill Erwin
as Massey
Jessie Scott
as The Lovely Zelda
Cynthia Songe
as Ms. Mount
Dona Speir
as Photo Girl
Keely Christian
as Senior #1
Julie Gray
as Brooke
Don Brunner
as Cameraman #1
Barry Wiggins
as Geronimo
Eric Floyd
as Twichy
Don Dowe
as Foreman
Peter Kerr
as Cabbie
Ronnie Lott
as Himself
Jerry Giles
as DuWayne
Susan Isaacs
as Woman #1
Delores Albin
as Mrs.McGinty
Joe Farago
as Mr. Writeman
Marge Redmond
as Miss Beyer
Carmen Filpi
as Codger #1
Rana Mack
as Margie
Richard Stahl
as Shoemaker
Frank Thomas
as Himself
Tom Henschel
as Marshall
Joe Sagal
as Randolph
Christine Moore
as Gorgeous Woman
Lee Arnone-Briggs
as Woman Customer
Chris Bonno
as Contractor
Kenny Sacha
as Mr. Adonis
Irina Cashen
as June Hubbard
Vlade Divac
as Himself
Shannon Dunn
as Monique
Ian Gomez
as Employee #1
Gene Wolande
as Scientist
Angelo Vacco
as Gang Guy
Kris Kamm
as Brian
Lu Leonard
as Miss De Groot
Ron Stein
as Elvis
Carey Eidel
as Mr. Groggs
Eddie Rio
as Motorist #3
Cyndi Pass
as Girl Dancer
Paul Cira
as Lawyer
Tim Maculan
as Bank Nerd #2
Brian Jensen
as Antoine
Greg Callahan
as Bank President
Damien Leake
as Principal
Prince Hughes
as Al's Bodyguard
John Patrick White
as Little Floyd
Rosa Blasi
as Woman #1
Greg Berg
as Voice of Commercial Actor
Derek McGrath
as Buck (in dream)
Tim Hill
as Security Man
Doug Donatelli
as Construction Worker
Joey Simmrin
as March Hubbard
Larry Udy
as Psychic #1
Lillian Adams
as Mrs. Mariner
Kevin Brief
as Official
Tawny Kitaen
as Dominique
Lisa Stahl
as Gretchen
JD Cullum
as Kessler
Eric Dane
as Oliver
Donna Pieroni
as Shoe Shopper
David Alan Graf
as Delivery Guy #1
David Ruprecht
as Mr. Mailman
F. William Parker
as Vandergelder
Teri Ralston
as Judge Spivak
Trudy Adams
as Chelsea
Greg Lewis
as Old Codger
June Foray
as Scary Mary
George C. Simms
as Casting Executive
Edward Morgan
as Charity Santa
Jillian Johns
as Waitress
Jeffrey Winner
as Test Examiner
Jack Riley
as Wendell
Rhonda Aldrich
as Esther's Mom
Rob Skyler
as Mail Carrier
Thomas Hill
as Muldoon
Don Draper
as Salesman
Rawley Valverde
as Alajandro
Deron McBee
as Policeman
Nancy Priddy
as Mrs. Writeman
Tim Eyster
as Franklin
Lou Wills
as Judge #1
Joanna Goode
as Incense
Marisa Theodore
as Betty Jr.
Andy Milder
as Francis
Tara Karsian
as Woman at Store
Michael Hagiwara
as Japanese Businessman
Kevin Schon
as Mouse Lawyer
Darrell Kunitomi
as Japanese Al
Steven Shenbaum
as Scarecrow
Mandy Levin
as Woman #2
Steve Levy
as Mr. Ron
William Rogers
as Waiter #1
Leonard Lightfoot
as Photo Clerk
Owen Bush
as Codger #2
Nicole Chamberlain
as Tanya Van Pelt
Sean Fox
as Kid #1
Dennis Cockrum
as Bartender
Peggy Gilbert
as Cheerleader
Ted Davis
as Habib #2
Rick Batalla
as Employee #2
Steve Guri
as Mervyn
Aeryk Egan
as Victor
John Asher
as Stockboy
Jon Lovitz
as Littlehead
Jay Gardner
as Commercial Announcer
Skye Bassett
as Ray Ray's Girlfriend
Julie Benz
as Sascha
Rick Dees
as Himself
Joe Bob Briggs
as Billy Ray
Pierre Gonneau
as Mr. D'Player
Alan Baltes
as Football Player
Michael Mitz
as Bank Teller
Peter Jason
as Manager
Mark Barriere
as Washington
Stan Ivar
as Jack Franklin
Katherine Olsen
as Competitor
Kevin McBride
as Reporter #3
Roger Rose
as Tweety
David Pires
as Doctor #1
Hannah Swanson
as Young Kelly
Irene Roseen
as Woman #3
Village People
as Themselves
Jodi Taffel
as Woman #2
Christina Solis
as Esmerelda
Krista Allen
as Crystal
Linda Lutz
as Frieda
Don Sparks
as Horowitz
Sam Clay
as Croupier
Gary Willis
as Judge #2
Ron Litman
as Customer #2
John Mansfield
as Roger Bonderly
Barbara Perry
as Old Lady
Pearl Shear
as Volunteer #1
Ed Morgan
as Charity Santa
Dan Doherty
as Bodyguard
Sandra Korn
as Car-pool Organizer
Ben Stein
as Thomas
Jonathan Fahn
as Camera Person
Jasmin Paul
as Star Disher
Chris Elwood
as Delivery Guy
Lewis Dauber
as Sketch Artist
Gino Conforti
as Maitre d'
Walter Olkewicz
as Violinist
Tonya Watts
as Scarlett
Ray Girardin
as Schnick
Dana Lee
as Voice of Master Po
Ed Gilbert
as Voice of Bob Packwood
Brent Hinkley
as Desk Clerk
Tony Cox
as Alien
Flora Burke
as Volunteer #2
Aaron Lustig
as Attendant
Jan Hoag
as Checker
Wolfman Jack
as Himself
Ann Weldon
as Aunt Maddie
T.L. Brooke
as Tatum Tot
Cleveland O'Neal
as Stage Manager
Andy Flaster
as Thursday Markowitz
Andrew Prine
as Psycho Dad
Don Novello
as Father Guido Sarducci
Deanna Booher
as Biker Chick
Corinne Reilly
as Young Woman
Andrea Parker
as Go-Go Dancer
Louise Rapport
as Mrs. Gillis
Bill Lee Brown
as Cameraman
Armando Garza
as Fireman Roberto
Ann Nelson
as Elderly Woman
Jim Chiros
as Activist #1
John O'Connell
as TV Announcer
Wanda Acuna
as Babette
Vene Arcoraci
as Customer
Edward Hibbert
as Dr. Richelieu
Jeffrey Roth
as Jim Jr.
Scott Hartman
as Reporter #5
Gerry Lock
as Old Lady
Robert Englund
as The Devil
Pete Steinfeld
as Lifeguard
Cory Tyler
as Guy #2
Milt Tarver
as IRS Agent
Rusty Schwimmer
as Woman Cabbie
Robb Skyler
as Mail Carrier
Cindy Lair
as Sierra Madre
Alex Ardenti
as Hunky Guy
Jeff Heston
as Emaciated Man
Dave Madden
as Manager
Maray Ayres
as Wino Gal
Petra Verkaik
as Model #1
Mark Sellers
as Male Detective
Sarah Taylor
as Lounge Singer
Cynthena Sanders
as Activist #2
Peter Noone
as Himself
Brian Reddy
as Checker
Pat Crawford Brown
as Bingo Caller
Traci Bingham
as Lap Dancer
Rena Riffel
as Stripper #1
Steve Valentine
as Guy in Line
Carrie Genzel
as "Nasty" Natalie
Larry Storch
as Himself
Joey Dente
as Daily Scandal
Virginia Capers
as Mourner #2
Sara Shearer
as Assistant
Ingrid Berg
as Waitress
David Nelson
as Fantasy Man #2
Alexis Martínez
as Cheerleader
Julia Kato
as Impersonations
Meilani Paul
as Melissa
Cindy Margolis
as Beer Girl #1
Steve Graham
as BBR Fan
Burke Roberts
as Reporter #1
Cynthia Frost
as Customer
Jimmy Lennon Jr.
as Ring Announcer
Jeb Stuart
as Interviewer
Brad Nickell
as Lifeguard #1
Richard Hanson
as Fantasy Man #3
Mark Voland
as Ald. Kuczynski
Paul L. Casey
as Elvis #1
Craig Benton
as Customer
Monty Ash
as O'Malley
Nick LaTour
as Old Man
Shaun Toub
as Akbar Johnson
Neriah Davis
as Anytime
Scott Gurney
as Lifeguard #2
Frank Noon
as Guy #2
Michael Leopard
as Bartender
Michele Harrell
as Mrs. Bubba Smith
Steve Henneberry
as Fantasy Man #5
Joe Costanza
as Butcher
Letha Weapons
as Rocki Mountains
Marie Caldare
as Claudia Harrison (Miss New York)
Casey Stengal
as Elvis on Wheels
Fawn Reed
as Mrs. Taylor
Vivian Bonnell
as Mourner #3
Raymond D. Turner
as Black Elvis
Bill Bateman
as Larry Fleishman
Robert Kim
as Asian Elvis
Todd Glass
as Policeman
Warren Tabata
as Judge Miyagi Wong
Kim Weiskopf
as Voice of Lucky
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Series Details

TV Network: FOX
Premiere Date: Apr 5, 1987
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producers: Vince Cheung, Kim Weiskopf
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