Mr. Monk and the Paperboy


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While trying to retrieve a stolen newspaper, paperboy Nestor Alverez (Enrique Almeida) is killed on Monk's doorstep. In his efforts to determine the motive behind the killing, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) manages to solve two unrelated murders--but still can't find out why anyone would want to bump off a nice kid like Nestor. It takes an additional murder, coupled with the keen analytical eye of Monk's nurse-assistant Sharona (Bitty Schram), to finally crack the case.


Tony Shalhoub
as Adrian Monk
Kane Ritchotte
as Benjy Fleming
Stanley Kamel
as Dr. Charles Kroger
Bitty Schram
as Sharona Fleming
Ted Levine
as Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Jason Gray-Stanford
as Lt. Randall Disher
Jarrad Paul
as Kevin Dorfman
Enrique Almeida
as Nestor Alverez
Noel Guglielmi
as Jose Alverez
Noel Gugliemi
as Jose Alverez
Joseph Sikora
as Boz Harrelson
Mark Totty
as Malcolm Cowley
Endre Hules
as Capt. Dupres
Orlando Seale
as Lt. Lafitte
Christopher Goodman
as Young Uniform Cop
Joe Whipp
as Heavyset Detective
Cheyenne Wilbur
as Justice of the Peace
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