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Mozart in the Jungle

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Gael Garcia Bernal's winning performance harmonizes rapturously with the series' romantic take on artistic endeavor to create a generous helping of winsome escapism.



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Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016
Air date: Dec 9, 2016

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Comedy drama that explores the classical music scene in New York City. Season 3 sees the orchestra and management continue to be at odds. Also: Rodrigo heads to Venice to conduct the grand return of a notable yet reclusive opera diva; and Hailey tours with the Andrew Walsh Ensemble.

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This is no fairytale of New York. You might find yourself tuning in for the sex and glamour, but you end up with an intriguing snapshot of a broken industry.

Jan 7, 2019 | Full Review…

Watching the show brings with it the same emotions: knowing that there's something beautiful happening, something that's always on the verge of falling apart.

Jan 7, 2019 | Rating: B | Full Review…

I want to put Gael García Bernal in my pocket and carry him everywhere.

Dec 9, 2016 | Full Review…

Bernal is so unapologetic, so earnest, so gosh darn cute, you're smitten.

Dec 9, 2016 | Full Review…

Mozart in the Jungle isn't just a show about a mad genius conductor and his orchestra -- it's a how-to guide for millennial women, with a killer soundtrack.

Jan 7, 2019 | Full Review…

Season three, ultimately, is the show's weakest yet, though still perversely watchable in spite of itself. And since "not great but very watchable" is this show's sweet spot, fans will likely enjoy themselves.

Jan 7, 2019 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

Some shows just get this atmospheric vibration. An episode can be slow and misshapen, a scene can be half off the rails, but because everyone involved seems so happy to be doing what they're doing, the overall effect is one of strangely gentle pleasure.

Jan 7, 2019 | Full Review…

That's where series like Mozart comes in - entertainment that transports us without lowering our IQs and ethical standards.

Mar 9, 2017 | Full Review…

Mozart strangely has never quite had the buzz I would say it deserves. But it's now had three seasons of wacky, smart comedy and it should be applauded.

Jan 7, 2019 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

Even as it composes a new opera, which is bound to have an unhappy ending, Mozart never loses its established rhythm.

Dec 12, 2016 | Rating: B+ | Full Review…
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Audience Reviews for Mozart in the Jungle: Season 3

  • Apr 13, 2019
    Oh, how I missed this show. I can't get enough of it, I'm not kidding. The thing is that I want everyone to watch it, but not many do because they don't like the classical music aspect in it. Which is a pity because apart from the, in my opinion, beautiful music is so funny and exciting as well. I just want to know what is going to happen next with all the characters. The thing is, I like all the characters. There is not one I dislike, which is something that doesn't happen very often. I think Gael García Bernal is such a great maestro. He really is a character, a bit strange but so loving and loveable. Also, very funny. He made me laugh out loud quite a few times this season. Lola Kirke her character Hayley (better known as Hai Lai) was, in my opinion, a great inspiration this season. You really saw how she jumps head in to reach her goals and get to live her dreams. Not without difficulties of course. She really has become a character to look up too. I can't wait for next season and I'm going to try again to get my friends to watch this, they have to, it's too good not to.
  • Jun 10, 2018
    Rodrigo e Haley sono a Venezia alle prese con il ritorno sul palco de La Fiamma (una Bellucci abbastanza convincente). Nel mentre la New York Symphony Orchestra continua la sua lotta sindacale. L’ambientazione italiana non giova molto allo show, che più volte rischia di avvitarsi in scene fin troppo sopra le righe. Sarà un caso, ma quando nella seconda metà della stagione si torna a New York, Mozart in the Jungle rientra anche sui binari della commedia musicale/romantica che gli hanno portato successo. Due episodi si distinguono in questa terza stagione nel complesso poco esaltante, i due episodi forse più “musicali” di tutti: lo spettacolo finale de La Fiamma, che aggiunge un pizzico di dramma e tensione al classico tono scanzonato; e il mini documentario nella prigione di Rikers Island, una piccola perla cinematografica che è anche una toccante riflessione sulla libertà e sul potere emotivo della musica.
  • Feb 04, 2018
    Keeps up the consistent comedic pacing of the last season.
  • Jun 30, 2017
    Funny, sexy, dramatic, intellectually satisfying. Really.
  • Jan 24, 2017
    another great series seems to have hit the skids. I'm a musician, and I used to be married to an opera singer, but the latest season with Monica Belluci pretending to sing, just left me cold. The first 2 seasons were witty and insightful enough to make up for some very bad orchestra acting (Saffron Burrows, please watch some real cellists) but the latest season doesn't seem to have either the wit or the insight - it's just ego and not terribly good acting. It's hard to believe that there aren't any gorgeous aspiring opera singers out there who could have taken on Belluci's role - if she can't be bothered to act, why have her there at all? I really think opera is to esoteric for a mainstream audience and it wouldn't surprise me if MITJ lost most of its fanbase because of it. How did something that started out so great, end up so crap? And what a waste of talent in Gael Garcia Benal, who showed what he can do in Seasons 1&2 but now seems to have his hands tied on screen. Or just be pushed aside to make way for Hayley's new hair, and Monica's big yawn. I'm really hoping the show improves and gets back to its old form before too long,
  • Jan 17, 2017
    I know a show about classical music is not for everyone (and sometimes they get a bit too artistic for my tastes), but Season 3 has some great storylines that should be fun even if you do not have a musical background. Plus, there are some unusual wrinkles -- like an entire episode shot at Riker's Island or former NBA player Baron Davis appearing in a few episodes. It's not my favorite show, but I am always amused and intrigued. Grade: A
  • Dec 19, 2016
    Did they get Budget playwriters for Season Three?
  • Dec 13, 2016
    One word can explain how it makes me feel every single episode...Magical.
  • Dec 13, 2016
    Season 3 did not disappoint. Rodrigo continues to be the most charming man alive, and his chemistry with "High-a-lie" is excellent. It will be interesting to see where season 4 goes.
  • Dec 11, 2016
    Another solid year for Mozart in the Jungle, albeit with a few more exceptional moments, and one outstanding episode directed by Roman Coppola.

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