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Mr. Show With Bob and David Season 1

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The second episode of Mr. Show opens with Senator Tankerbell (Bob Odenkirk) at the podium railing against government funding of the arts. The conservative Southern senator makes a bizarre analogy to an obscene joke involving a traveling salesman and a milking machine. Then, the show proper opens with Bob alone onstage. He explains that David Cross is not doing the show because certain artists are being supervised by U.S. senators, and David is being forced to wear a tracking collar that gives him a shock every time he steps on a stage. Bob convinces David to do the show, and he's in agonizing pain until Tankerbell turns the collar off. There's also a sketch about "The Book of Marshall" with (Cross) the lost apostle who speaks like a late-night infomercial host ("Jesus, what if I told you the meek could inherit something a whole lot better than the earth?"). In another sketch, Odenkirk portrays a voice-over actor laying down a string of promotions and disclaimers, including the infamous "Mr. Pickles Fun-Time Abortion Clinic -- We'll bring out the kid in ya!" The show also features the introduction of the ubiquitous Globo-Chem Corporation ("We own everything, so you don't have to"), a staple of the series, and their mascot, "Pit-Pat," described by an ad exec (Cross) as "a magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokesthing." Guest Janeane Garofalo appears in a commercial for Globo-Chem's Bag Hutch, a cardboard box which, the ads proclaim, reduces household messes by holding up to 12 paper bags. The show ends with David acceding to the angry Tankerbell's demands, as the cast, with an exuberant performance from Jack Black (High Fidelity), performs a musical theater version of the senator's dirty joke from the top of the show -- "The Joke: The Musical."