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Air date: Sep 28, 2004

The team tries to help a Navy captain (David Keith) working for the Pentagon, whose wife and blind daughter are being held hostage by a man demanding $2 million in ransom. Sandy: Abigail Breslin. Julie: Ely Pouget. Kyle Grayson: William Mapother. McGee: Sean Murray.

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Air date: Oct 5, 2004

The team investigates the semi-mummified corpse of a woman chained in an underground room at an abandoned military base, and deduces that the perpetrator is probably repeating the crime with another victim. PO Barbara Swain: Betsy Brandt. Lt. Evans: Matt Carmody. PO Marshall: Tara Buck.

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Air date: Oct 12, 2004

A Marine helicopter is found abandoned in a crop circle on a farm, and the two pilots, who were out on a proficiency flight, can't be located. Ritt Everett: Timothy Bottoms. Sheriff Thompson: Tom Bower. Lt. Col. Curtis Teague: Robert Rusler. Kate: Sasha Alexander.

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Air date: Oct 19, 2004

Two seamen (Chris Heuisler, Donnie Jeffcoat) stumble upon the body of a female Navy lieutenant, and, in the absence of an ID, Gibbs' team races to find her identity. Cdr. Reynolds: Kent Faulcon. PO Cynthia Cluxton: Amy Sloan.

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Air date: Oct 26, 2004

The accidental death of a civilian at a military demolition site leads to the discovery of more bodies and the conclusion that the area could be the dumping ground of a serial killer. Vic Gera: Michael Guarnera. Cpl. Stinson: Laird Macintosh. Agent Fornell: Joe Spano.

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Air date: Nov 16, 2004

A Navy aviator (Mary Page Keller) is nearly killed when her car explodes, and the FBI, suspecting terrorism, takes over, asking Gibbs' team to protect the woman and her family. David Shields: Sean O'Bryan. Jennifer Shields: Amanda Fuller. Willy: David Henrie.

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Air date: Nov 23, 2004

Charles Durning guest stars as a World War II Medal of Honor recipient who turns himself in to Gibbs, claiming that he murdered his best friend on Iwo Jima nearly 60 years ago. Faith Coleman: Alicia Coppola. Superintendent: Hugh Holub. Tony: Michael Weatherly.

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Air date: Nov 30, 2004

Gibbs' team is summoned when a Navy commander who had a successful open-heart operation bursts into flames while recovering. Cdr. Janice Byers: Stacy Edwards. Paula Cassidy: Jessica Steen. McGee: Sean Murray.

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Air date: Dec 7, 2004

A marine's wife (Megan Ward) living on a military base shoots an intruder who attempted to rape her, and Gibbs' team uncovers a mysterious connection between the woman and her assailant. Jeremy: Neil Hopkins. Kate: Sasha Alexander. Tony: Michael Weatherly. Abby: Pauley Perrette.

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Air date: Dec 14, 2004

Tony poses as a prisoner in an undercover operation, and is chained to a thief (Frank Whaley) he helped to escape in an effort to locate stolen Iraqi antiquities. Deputy Secretary of State Anna Elliott: Annie Corley. Tony: Michael Weatherly.

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With the inauguration of its second series, the popular procedural streamlines its official title, forsaking the cumbersome Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service for the more succinct NCIS. Joining series regulars Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs), Shana Alexander (Kate Todd), Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo), Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and David McCallum ("Ducky" Mallard) is former guest actor Sean Murray as MIT-educated lab tech Tim McGee, who is invited to join the NCI team by head man Gibbs himself. Amidst such story elements as kidnappings, serial killers, serial rapists, crop circles, mob hits, transsexuals, disembodied eyeballs and bikini contests, the second series permits the viewer to learn just a tiny bit more about the clouded past lives of Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard; we also meet for the first time Ducky's 96-year-old mother, played by Nina Foch. And, given the world climate, it isn't surprising that this series' episodes would make numerous pointed references to the Iraq War and the general unrest in the Middle East. The devastating finale "Twilight" marks the return of the team's most formidable adversary, double agent and terrorist Ari (Rudolf Martin), who among other acts of villainy cold-bloodedly murders one of NCIS' most popular leading characters.


Mark Harmon
as Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Michael Weatherly
as Anthony Dinozzo
David McCallum
as Donald `Ducky' Mallard
Sasha Alexander
as Caitlin `Kate' Todd
Pauley Perrette
as Abby Sciuto
Sean Murray
as Timothy McGee
Rocky Carroll
as Leon Vance
Brian Dietzen
as Jimmy Palmer
Emily Wickersham
as Eleanor Bishop
Wilmer Valderrama
as Nicholas Torres
Duane Henry
as Clayton Reeves
Jennifer Esposito
as Alexandra Quinn
Maria Bello
as Jacqueline Sloane
Betsy Brandt
as PO Barbara Swain
Joe Spano
as T.C. Fornell
Gina St. John
as Cindy Ames
as Jade King
Neil Hopkins
as Jeremy Davison
Timothy Bottoms
as Ritt Everett
Anthony Heald
as Cdr. Guyman Purcell
Tom Bower
as Sheriff Thompson
John Rosenfeld
as Agent Charles
Megan Ward
as Laura Rowens
Tamara Taylor
as Cassie Yates
Matt Carmody
as Lt. Evans
Will Burke
as Det. Todd Miller
Nina Foch
as Victoria Mallard
Billy Aaron Brown
as Donny Potter
Chris Heuisler
as Seaman Joe Wilkins
Alicia Coppola
as Faith Coleman
Stacy Edwards
as Cdr. Janice Byers
Frank Whaley
as Jeffrey White
Mike Starr
as Monroe Cooper
Daya Vaidya
as Summer Diamond
Daniel Jay Shore
as PO Benny Horlacher
Lochlyn Thomas
as Kevin Holt
David Keith
as Capt. Mike Watson
Danica McKellar
as Erin Kendall
Hilary Salvatore
as PO Jessica Smith
Abigail Breslin
as Sandy Watson
Tara Buck
as PO Marshall
Mary Page Keller
as Lt. Cdr. Micki Shields
Cleo King
as Della Robinson
Jon Sklaroff
as Jonathan Redding
Dean McDermott
as Lt. Col. Allan Witten
Rudolf Martin
as Ari Haswari
Robert Rusler
as Lt. Col. Curtis Teague
Hugh B. Holub
as Superintendent
Morgan Weisser
as Vincent Hanlan
Steven Eckholdt
as Cdr.. Brad Pitt
Donnie Jeffcoat
as Seaman Tom Jennings
Jessica Steen
as Paula Cassidy
Annie Corley
as Deputy Secretary of State Anna Elliott
Mark D. Espinoza
as Sheriff Deke Lester
John Doman
as Lt. Cheney
Scott Alan Smith
as Det. Mark Mauceri
Shashawnee Hall
as Police Chief Whalen
Kent Faulcon
as Cdr. Reynolds
Pat Healy
as Jonathan Hanlan
Zack Ward
as Billy Krieg
Ely Pouget
as Julie Watson
Kiko Ellsworth
as Willie Taylor
Virginia Reece
as Allison Donovan
Alan Dale
as Tom Morrow
Laird Macintosh
as Cpl. Stinson
Sean O'Bryan
as David Shields
Brigid Brannagh
as Catherine Reynolds
Matt DeCaro
as Chief Daryl Bello
Kelsey Oldershaw
as Lt. Emma Ingham
Sherman Augustus
as Capt. Daniel Lemay
Amy Sloan
as PO Cynthia Cluxton
Mariette Hartley
as Hanna Lowell
Chad Willett
as Det. Monteleone
Dan Ziskie
as Capt. Vetter
Vincent Angell
as Bruce Webb
Shane Conrad
as Lt. Dean Westfall
William Mapother
as Kyle Grayson
Amanda Fuller
as Jennifer Shields
David Henrie
as Willy Shields
Kim Oja
as Karen Wilkerson
Ryan Culver
as Lt. Curtis Janssen
Rebecca Staab
as Greta Boyen
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There are, of course, a ton of crime shows on the air at the moment, so what sets "NCIS" apart from the others? It's the combination of the characters, the humor, and, to be momentarily non-specific, the feel of the show.

Jan 17, 2020 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

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