Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (2006 - 2006)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

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An eight-part anthology series of chilling and thrilling tales from the pen of Stephen King.

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2006, TNT, 8 episodes


Greta Scacchi
as Dr. Katie Arlen
Marsha Mason
as Aunt Trudy
Bruce Spence
as Hans Morris
Jacqueline McKenzie
as Gloria/Linda Landry
Robert Mammone
as Dr. Peter Jennings
Kodi Smit-McPhee
as Jackson Evans
Krista Vendy
as Front Desk Clerk
Rebecca Gibney
as India Fornoy
Linal Haft
as Archibald
Susie Porter
as Sally Blair-Kinnell
Sigrid Thornton
as Mrs. Anges Sternwood
Erin Wright
as Janis Joplin
Tory Mussett
as Arlene `Candy' Cain/Pool Girl
William McNamara
as Ricky Nelson
Mia Sara
as Beautiful Girl
Tyler Coppin
as Richard Fornoy
Kim Gyngell
as Will Tabor
Rhondda Findleton
as Sarah Joyce
Melinda Butel
as Ardis McGill
Joe Sagal
as Elvis Presley
Lynda Kinkade
as Reporter
Paul Gleeson
as Ed Brooks
Andy Anderson
as Duke Rogers
Marg Downey
as Judy Diment
Harold Hopkins
as Vernon Klein
Bo Jerkic
as Howie Fornoy, 5 Years Old
Ron Haddrick
as Gentleman in Lift
Antony Neate
as Prison Guard No. 1
Kristian Schmid
as Buddy Holly
Brian Lipson
as Mike the Orderly
Hamish Michael
as Bobby Hastings
Marijke Mann
as Woman in Lift
Jye O'Toole
as Howie Fornoy, 12 Years Old
Matthew Lombardo
as Bobby Forney, 11 Months
Peter Curtin
as Mr. Woolrich
Eva Lazzaro
as The Girl
Enrico Mammarella
as Guard No. 1
Dino Marnika
as Detective No. 1
Chris Haywood
as Dr. Bogner
Tony Rickards
as Roy Orbison
Martin Vaughan
as Dr. Kazalian
Brad McMurray
as Guard No. 2
Don Bridges
as Dark Coated Man
Don Halbert
as Dunninger
Bert Labonte
as Otis Redding
Nick Mulkearns
as Bobby Fornoy, 5 Years Old
Julian O'Donnell
as Peoria Smith
John Flauss
as Man in Street
Rarmian Newton
as Bobby Fornoy, 7 Years Old
Christine Moffat
as Mrs. Claussen
Anita Torrance
as Pretty Wiccan
Louis Corbett
as Danny Landry
Damien Richardson
as Ronnie Van Zant
Monica Maughan
as Woman in Street
Jim Hill
as Tatooed Fan
Fletcher Humphrys
as Duane Allman
Greg Saunders
as Dr. Banyard
John Orcsik
as Stan the Cop
Che Timmins
as Jimi Hendrix
Luke Walker
as PC Farnham
Kirsty Lee
as Moderator
Justina Noble
as Street Reporter
Jean Marc Russ
as Rat Man No. 1
Josh Futcher
as Rat Man No. 2
Nicholas Bell
as World Health Officer
Martin Broome
as Rat Man No. 3
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TV Network: TNT
Premiere Date: Jul 12, 2006
Genre: Horror
Executive Producer: Bill Haber
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