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As Linc, Sofia and Sucre arrive at the rendezvous point, each with a personal agenda, Michael uses his grief and anger as a cover for the escape plan. Meanwhile, Lang and Sullins transport Mahone to Panama City for his court date, at which they tell him that he'll have to disclose everything he knows about the Company.


Wentworth Miller
as Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell
as Lincoln Burrows
William Fichtner
as Alexander Mahone
Wade Williams
as Bellick
Chris Vance
as Whistler
Robert Wisdom
as Lechero/Norman St. John
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Susan B./Gretchen
Kim Coates
as Richard Sullins
Alex Fernandez
as Capt. Hurtado
Mo Deja
as Capt. Pumales
John S. Davies
as Agent Elliot Pike
Carlos Campean
as Col Escamilla
Christian Bowman
as Agent King
Joseph Melendez
as Military Guard
Luis Rolon
as Military Guard
John Pointer
as Soldier
Gocha Chertkoev
as Russian Inmate
Jose Villareal
as Officer Roldan
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