Rawhide (1959 - 1965)


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Cattlemen drive their herds across the Great Plains in this iconic Western. Gil Favor was the trail boss, assisted by Rowdy Yates (a breakout role for Clint Eastwood), with a great theme sung by Frankie Laine. After the series ended, Eastwood became a global superstar in a series of spaghetti Westerns for Sergio Leone.

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1965, CBS, 13 episodes

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1964, CBS, 30 episodes

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1963, CBS, 31 episodes

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1962, CBS, 29 episodes

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1961, CBS, 30 episodes

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1960, CBS, 30 episodes

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1959, CBS, 31 episodes

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1959, CBS, 23 episodes


Clint Eastwood
as Rowdy Yates
Eric Fleming
as Gil Favor
Sheb Wooley
as Pete Nolan
Paul Brinegar
as Wishbone
Steve Raines
as Jim Quince
Rocky Shahan
as Joe Scarlett
James Murdock
as Harkness `Mushy' Mushgrove
Robert Cabal
as Hey Soos Patines
Charles Gray
as Clay Forrester
David Watson
as Ian Cabot
John Ireland
as Jed Colby
Raymond St. Jacques
as Solomon King
Ruta Lee
as Sheila
Barbara Eden
as Crystal
Royal Dano
as Prospector
Sheila Bromley
as Mrs. Spencer
Dan Duryea
as Gunman
Robert Blake
as Hap Johnson
Hal Baylor
as Jenkins
Karen Sharpe
as Jessica
Simon Oakland
as Bolivar Jagger
Nina Shipman
as Blind Girl
Frank Maxwell
as Anderson
Ralph Bellamy
as Quince's Brother
Robert Gist
as Harleck
Joan O'Brien
as Melinda
Terry Moore
as Mrs. Storm
Don Haggerty
as Convict
Candy Moore
as Gillian
Tom Tully
as Rowdy's Father
Rosemary DeCamp
as Ma Fletcher
Fritz Weaver
as Railroad Boss
Susan Oliver
as Paul Evans' Wife
Broderick Crawford
as Jud Hammerklein
Sharon Farrell
as Billie Lou
June Nigh
as Paula
Brian Keith
as Macauley
Pepe Hern
as Volara
Laura Devon
as Augusta
Tom Conway
as Winnington
Phillip Pine
as Dangerfield
Margaret Hayes
as Mrs. North
Will Wright
as Grandfather
Fredd Wayne
as Calhoun
Leslie Wales
as Yellow Sky
Denver Pyle
as Daddy Quade
Don Quine
as Slake
Rory Calhoun
as Masters
Susan Cupito
as Winter Night
Glenda Farrell
as Elizabeth Farragut
George Chandler
as Rev. Lincoln
Zachary Scott
as Indian Chief
Jan Merlin
as Little Sam
Dabbs Greer
as Haddlebird
Hazel Court
as Kathleen
Bill Gray
as Lindsay
Arthur Franz
as Fredericks
Lillian Bronson
as Mrs. Lefever
Abraham Sofaer
as Little Hawk
Vitina Marcus
as Wahkshum
John Marley
as Little Cloud
Jan Harrison
as Charity
Ed Wynn
as Bateman
Alan Hale Jr.
as Wagon Master
Ron Hayes
as Louden
King Donovan
as Tolliver
Buddy Baer
as Big Will
Sherwood Price
as Willoughby
Agnes Moorehead
as Sister Frances
Jack Elam
as Jackson
John Cole
as Bailey
Dina Merrill
as Lisa Temple
Lin McCarthy
as MacIntosh
Pat Conway
as Reed McCuller
Gary Merrill
as Jed Mason
Robert Coote
as Sir Richard Ashley
Nan Grey
as Carlie
Gigi Perreau
as Sister Joan
Cecil Kellaway
as Prospector
Tony Haig
as Running Dog
Allyn Joslyn
as Albert Ashton-Warner
Eddie Albert
as Taylor Dickson
Paul Comi
as Yo-Yo
Viveca Lindfors
as Luisa Hadley
John Lormer
as Gillespie
Lew Gallo
as Haskell
Hardie Albright
as Veterinarian
Ken Lynch
as Grenfell
John Larch
as Sam Garrett
Forrest Tucker
as Dan Carlock
Nick Adams
as Corporal
Jorge Moreno
as Sanchez
Jed Hadley
as Darren McGavin
Sonya Wilde
as White Deer
Marion Ross
as Priscilla
Walter Slezak
as Fortuneteller
Henry Corden
as Velasquez
Tom Reese
as Jennings
Paul Fix
as Williams
Mary Astor
as Emma Cardwell
Duane Grey
as Travis
Gail Kobe
as Doctor
Than Wyenn
as Malvado
Bill Travers
as Jeremiah O'Neal
Dean Martin
as Gurd Canliss
Larry Gates
as Woodruff
Bill Hale
as Tobin
Monte Blue
as Wanakawa
Peter Lorre
as Confederate Officer
Roy Glenn
as Jones
James Coburn
as Army Officer
Keenan Wynn
as Ex-convict
Roy Engel
as Stokes
Julie Harris
as Emma Teall
Brian Donlevy
as Cattle Baron
Elena Verdugo
as Mexican Revolutionary
as Selena
George Grizzard
as Captain Ballinger
Nina Foch
as Madrina Wilcox
John Kerr (II)
as Easterner
Woody Strode
as Gabe Washington
Victor Jory
as Prospector
Pat Hingle
as Pop Starke
Irene Tedrow
as Minnie Lou
Elizabeth Montgomery
as Rose Cornelius
Bill Hill
as Colby
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Jan 9, 1959
Genre: Western
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