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Season two of the smash hit US drama about a young woman living under an assumed identity to gain revenge on those responsible for wrecking her childhood. Emily returns to the Hamptons after an important trip to Japan to see her mentor, Satoshi Takeda. In search of answers about her mother, Emily takes Nolan to make some enquiries at a hospital psychiatric ward that has long been closed down. Emily realises that she must take steps to stay close to Jack and Amanda, while Ashley has become Daniel's new love interest. After spending 60 days at an addiction recovery centre, Charlotte is determined to gain outpatient privileges, but those who should have her best interests at heart are plotting to keep her confined. Jennifer Jason Leigh guest stars.


Emily VanCamp
as Emily Thorne
Madeleine Stowe
as Victoria Grayson
Gabriel Mann
as Nolan Ross
Henry Czerny
as Conrad Grayson
Ashley Madekwe
as Ashley Davenport
Nick Wechsler
as Jack Porter
Josh Bowman
as Daniel Grayson
Christa B. Allen
as Charlotte Grayson
Connor Paolo
as Declan Porter
Barry Sloane
as Aiden Mathis
Margarita Levieva
as Amanda Clarke
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Kara Wallace Clarke
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Granted, this could all topple over from the weight of too much going on at once, but we didn't get the sense that the writers were winging it. The opposite: things seem tighter than ever, script-wise.

Jun 20, 2018 | Full Review…