Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1 (2018)




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Air date: Jul 20, 2018
Air date: Sep 25, 2018
Air date: Sep 17, 2018
Air date: Sep 17, 2018
Air date: Sep 27, 2018
Air date: Sep 20, 2018
Air date: Sep 18, 2018
Air date: Sep 25, 2018
Air date: Sep 26, 2018
Air date: Sep 19, 2018
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Ben Schwartz
as Leonardo
Josh Brener
as Donatello
Brandon Mychal Smith
as Michelangelo
Kat Graham
as April O'Neil
Eric Bauza
as Splinter
John Cena
as Baron Draxum
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Critic Reviews for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 1

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With a villain-of-the-day format providing plenty of outrageous antagonists for the heroes to combat with quip and blade, Saturday mornings (that's when they air cartoons still, right?) have somehow made me care about yet another rebooted franchise.

Sep 17, 2018 | Rating: 7.9/10 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Season 1

An amazing show. Idk why some people don't like it.

OMG, the worst. Stick with the originals.

look how they massacred my boy

Refreshing, fun, and incredibly entertaining. As a long time fan of the franchise, this is undoubtedly one of the best recent additions to the turtleverse.

the entire show feels like lowbrow filler. iv never jenuenly disliked the turtals till now. and april being black is just a gimmick as shes bairly in the show and when she is she is just as big of an ass as they r. id rather see that Teenage mecha ninja Turtles short made into a show. this April could work in that

They fucked up the turtles :(

Absolute crap, Half Shell Heroes blast the past is so much better then this disgusting crap

Overall, I think this incarnation of the Turtles is far too campy. Nothing is serious and nothing is sacred, everything is a joke and a quip, there is no cohesive storyline, and everything is all jumbled up. I may be a 'purest' but I don't like Raph as the leader, don't like Leo (his personality reminds me Michelangelo), not a fan of Donnie or Mikey (I like he’s more ‘artistic’ but I still think his personality just doesn’t fit) and I am not a fan of April (her personality, not her looks. She feeds into the ‘nothing is serious’ issue). Villains are weird and harmless, foot clan is a joke, and Splinter is a HUGE joke.

The animation is choppy. It tries to hide the lazy animation using quick movements. This results in barely being able to tell what action the character is performing. The music is weak and generic. The show feels really dumbed down story wise. 2012 series was significantly better in every aspect, from story, to characters, animation, music, and design. This is a huge step backwards. This is the weakest of all the TMNT animated series, and that's not just my opinion. All of the other shows are rated much higher.

OK, this series has so many things wrong with it, first the art design, terrible. I would much rather watch 2003’s TMNT because they put quality into their work. Second is the characters, they are wildly different than what we have come to expect as the adience. Leo isn’t even the leader anymore, Why and why make Raph ( the most hardheaded person on the team) leader? Turtles and April just seem off as characters. Third the writing, where are we getting this teen titans go type of storytelling, why?

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