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Seinfeld follows the neurotic adventures of Jerry Seinfeld and his neighbour in New York.

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Critics Consensus: In its final season, the cynical show about nothing goes out defiantly on its own terms -- even if means alienating fans who may have wanted things to end differently.

1997, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1996, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1995, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1994, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1993, NBC, 22 episodes

Critics Consensus: The show about nothing tries on an overarching plot for a change and yields a riotous satire on television in the process, further solidifying its claim as master of the sitcom domain with observant humor mined from the mundane and uncomfortable.

1992, NBC, 24 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1991, NBC, 23 episodes

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.

1990, NBC, 12 episodes

Critics Consensus: Seinfeld's first season lays out the template for the show's unique style, effectively outlining the hugless, lesson-free humor that would later make it an oft-imitated classic.

1989, NBC, 5 episodes


Jerry Seinfeld
as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
as George Costanza
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Elaine Benes
Michael Richards
as Cosmo Kramer
Liz Sheridan
as Helen Seinfeld
Barney Martin
as Morty Seinfeld
Len Lesser
as Uncle Leo
Richard Fancy
as Mr. Lippman
Bob Balaban
as Russell Dalrimple
Heidi Swedberg
as Susan Biddle Ross
Estelle Harris
as Estelle Costanza
Jerry Stiller
as Frank Costanza
Danny Woodburn
as Mickey Abbott
Bryan Cranston
as Dr. Tim Whatley
John O'Hurley
as J. Peterman
Phil Morris
as Jackie Chiles
Steve Hytner
as Kenny Bania
John Lizzi
as José Carreras
James Karen
as Mr. Canterman
Alison Armitage
as Dental Hygienist
Wilford Brimley
as Postmaster General Henry Atkins
Alison Armitage
as Dental Hygienist
Andy Ackerman
as Director
Ian Abercrombie
as Justin Pitt
Keith Hernandez
as Keith Hernandez
Bryan Cranston
as Dr. Tim Whatley
Brian George
as Babu Bhatt
Larry Hankin
as TV Kramer
Chaim Jeraffi
as Parking Guy
Rance Howard
as Blind Man
Ping Wu
as Delivery Boy
Mark Metcalf
as Maestro
Jon Gries
as Homeless Man
Tom Wright
as Morgan
Elena Wohl
as TV Elaine
Mimi Cozzens
as Mrs. Canterman
Steve Koren
as Himself
Gordon Jump
as Thomassoulo
Reuven Bar
as Foreign Guy
Lynn Clark
as Vanessa
Tracy Kolis
as Marlene
Gene Dynarski
as Izzy Jr.
Peter Murnik
as Lt. Martel
Jeremy Piven
as TV George
Diana Castle
as Mrs. Zanfino
Edgar Small
as Sid Luckman
Henry Woronicz
as Father Curtis
Jane A. Johnston
as Todd's Mother
Kyle T. Hefner
as Bizarro George (Gene)
Fort Atkinson
as Dr. Stern
David Moreland
as Mr. Parry
David Moscow
as Lomez Jr.
Kathy Griffin
as Sally Weaver
Mario Joyner
as Mario Joyner
Larry Thomas
as Soup Nazi
Lawrence Mandley
as Larry the Cook
Fred Pinkard
as Newsstand Guy
Danny Tartabull
as Danny Tartabull
Ross Evans
as Reichman
Tony V.
as Clicky
O'Neal Compton
as Earl Haffler
Daniel Dae Kim
as Student #1
Helen Carey
as Mrs. Nyhart
Mary Scheer
as Ms. Smoth
Ted Davis
as Dry Cleaner
Karen Barcus
as Receptionist
Dave Dunard
as Security Guard
John Hamelin
as Babu's Brother
Kathryn Kates
as Counterwoman
Jerry Levine
as Store Clerk
Greg Collins
as Policeman
Wayne Tippit
as Captain
Kimberly Chase
as Charmaine
Jonelle Kennedy
as Secretary
Seraiah Carol
as Mrs. Allister
Peter Stormare
as Slippery Pete
Sam Whipple
as Phone Guy #1
Pat Finn
as Joe Mayo
Frantz Turner
as Salesman
Jeff Lester
as Raymond
Rebecca Glenn
as Other Woman
Tim O'Hare
as Vendor
Carol Leifer
as Receptionist
David Purdham
as Dr. Resnick
Damon Jones
as Watkins
Larry B. Scott
as Photo Man
Vic Polizos
as Tabachnick
Lloyd Bridges
as Izzy Mandelbaum
Robert Katims
as Deensfrei
Frances Bay
as Mrs. Choate
David Byrd
as Pharmacist
Susan Diol
as Audrey
Will Utay
as Doctor
Frank Van Keeken
as Vegetable Lasagna
Ella Joyce
as Dean Jones
Anita Wise
as Waitress
Michael Des Barres
as Restaurateur
Raye Birk
as Zookeeper
Ruthie Cohen
as Cashier
Pat Kilbane
as Feldman
Jack Plotnick
as Crew Leader
Bruce Jarchow
as Mets Exec
Richard Roat
as Dr. Berg
Rende Rae Norman
as Ms. Baines
Jack Hallett
as Sponsor
Dayton Callie
as Cab Driver
James Lashly
as Assistant
Lenny Rose
as Elaine's Seatmate
The Flying Karamazov Brothers
as The Flying Sandos Brothers
Meagen Fay
as Mrs. Burns
John Fleck
as Attendant
Elliott Reid
as Armstrongs
John Apicella
as Repairman
O-Lan Jones
as Waitress
Lanei Chapman
as Housekeeper
Frank Novak
as Liquor-Store Clerk
Paul Gleason
as Victoria's Uncle
Mark Beltzman
as Suit Opponent
Stephen Root
as Bank Manager
Diana Bellamy
as Mrs. Ricardi
Ben Stein
as Shellbach
Katie Layman
as Cynthia
Mik Scriba
as Bomb Squad Guy
George Cheung
as Restaurant Owner
Radmar Jao
as Delivery Boy
Jed Rhein
as Steven
Rif Hutton
as Salesman
Suzanne Krull
as Different Gwen
Judy Kain
as Lorraine
Rae Allen
as Mrs. Sokol
Peggy Lane
as Waitess
Taylor Negron
as Hairdresser
Maggie Han
as Cheryl
Anthony Cistaro
as Joel Rifkin
Dean Hallo
as Gendason
Arminae Azarian
as Saleswoman
Peter Allas
as Counter Guy
Chris Aguilar
as Burmese Boy
Aimee Aro
as Faithy
Nancy Lenehan
as Volunteer Woman
Clint Howard
as Smog Strangler
Peggy Maltby
as Clarisse
Lois Nettleton
as Lindsay's Mom
Wayne Grace
as Ukranian Man
Danny Breen
as Guy with Glasses
Nicholas Mele
as Detective
Julie Clark
as Waitress
Michael Laskin
as Mets Exec
Tony Colitti
as Gang Leader
Howard Mann
as Willie Sr.
Dyana Ortelli
as Chambermaid
Tom Towles
as Dog Owner
Harvey Jason
as Auctioneer
Paul Perri
as Detective Banner
Angelo Tiffe
as Delivery Man
Radmar Agana Jao
as Delivery Guy
Ursaline Bryant
as Dr. Wexler
Bart McCarthy
as Cab Driver
Monica Allison
as Moviegoer
Joe Basile
as Delivery Guy
David Sage
as Dr. Dembrow
Ralph Manza
as Furniture Store Owner
Jule Clark
as Waitress
Harry Murphy
as Office Manager
Ed Winter
as Mr. Stevenson
Karen Lynn Scott
as Farmer's Daughter
Lewis Arquette
as Leapin' Larry
Garman Hertzler
as Mr. Berger
Fern Fitzgerald
as Ms. Wilkie
Sid Newman
as Old Man
Cindy Lu
as Worker
Jim J. Bullock
as Flight Attendant
Gerrit Graham
as First Clown
Al Fann
as Judge
Ken Thorley
as Car Dealer
Chase Kim
as Charmaine
Carl Banks
as Policeman #1
Toshi Toda
as Mr. Tanaka
Al White
as Detective Udewitz
Elayn Taylor
as Book Fan
Barry Kramer
as Bag Guy
Matthew Fonda
as NBC Executive
Carol Rosenthal
as First Ticket Clerk
Debra Mooney
as Mrs. Sweedler
Lane Davies
as Fleming
Larry Miller
as Doorman
Terry Sweeney
as Assistant
Dana Patrick
as Model #1
Dee Freeman
as Service Assistant
Denise Dowse
as Joe's Wife
Larry Polson
as Homeless Guy
Pamela Dillman
as Salesperson
Everett Greenbaum
as Man Pursuing George
Jenica Bergere
as Moviegoer
Tracy Letts
as Counterguy
Mary Sheer
as Caseworker
Nicholas Hormann
as Calvin Klein
Raf Mauro
as Car Washer
Lewis Dauber
as Doorman
Tim Stack
as Optometrist
Kathie Lee Gifford
as Kathie Lee Gifford
Gary Yates
as Security Guard
Sab Shimono
as Executive No. 1
Maria Cina
as Saleswoman
John Randolph
as Frank Costanza
Buck Showalter
as Buck Showalter
Marco Rodriguez
as Guillermo
Amit Itelman
as Employee
Bahni Turpin
as Waitress #1
Georgann Johnson
as Mrs. Stevenson
Lisa Deanne
as Christie
Barry Cutler
as Policeman #2
Louan Gideon
as Mrs. Hamilton
Rena Sofer
as Mary Anne
Jocelyne Kelly
as Newman's Model
Yvonne Farrow
as Employee
Chris Parnell
as NBC Executive
Kevin McDonald
as Denim Vest
Fred Savage
as Fred Savage
Suzy Soto
as Barbara
Angela Dohrmann
as Donna Chang
Goh Misawa
as Mr. Yamaguchi
Shûko Akune
as Receptionist
Loretta Fox
as Customer
Linda Kerns
as Ms. Krantz
Fritz Mashimo
as Interpreter
John Kapelos
as Barry Profit
Pat Cooper
as Pat Cooper
Robin Nance
as Model #3
Fatima Love
as Secretary
F. William Parker
as Country Doctor
Raquel Welch
as Raquel Welch
Dublin James
as Maurice
Brian Kaiser
as Postman
Alec Holland
as Coworker #1
Chip Chinery
as Coworker #1
Regis Philbin
as Regis Philbin
Bette Midler
as Bette Midler
Marisa Tomei
as Marisa Tomei
Norman Large
as Detective
Kevin Ruf
as Security Guard
Corbin Bernsen
as Corbin Bernsen
Shashi Bhatia
as Flower Girl
Kev Neil
as Waiter
Frank VanKeeken
as Vegetable Lasagna
Monty Ash
as Saccamano
Jon Voight
as Jon Voight
Dan O'Connor
as Young Cop
Jim Meskiman
as McCormack
George Wendt
as George Wendt
Paul O'Neill
as Paul O'Neill
Mark S. Larson
as Bizarro Newman (Vargas)
Lynn Manning
as Blind Man
Victoria Mahoney
as Saleswoman
Jeff Hatz
as Manager
Scott Jaeck
as Officer Vogel
Suli McCullough
as Coworker #2
Shannon Whirry
as Cute Girl
Judy Kerr
as Woman
Colin McClean
as Coworker #2
Jeanette Miller
as Old Woman
Edie McClurg
as voice of Mrs. Oliver
Jay Leno
as Jay Leno
Ossie Mair
as Driver
Akane Nelson
as Executive #2
Herb Mitchell
as Businessman #1
Peggy Blow
as Mail Clerk
Jeff Yagher
as John Germaine
Robert Louis Kempf
as Businessman #2
James Lesure
as Office Worker
Bill Gratton
as Postal Official
Colin Malone
as Sleazy Guy
Clement Blake
as Dirt Person #1
Alex Trebek
as Voice of Himself
Bill Lee Brown
as Partygoer
Erica Y. Becoat
as Stewardess
Erick Weiss (II)
as Ex-Girlfriend
Earl Schuman
as Izzy Mandelbaum Sr.
D.A. Johnson
as Dirt Person #2
Maggie Egan
as Ticket Clerk
Jerry Dixon
as Customer
Sloppy Joe
as Hobo Joe
Torsten Voges
as Cab Driver
Stanley Anderson
as Judge Vandelay
Larry David
as Prison Heckler
Vince Donvito
as Passerby
Florinel Fatulescu
as Stand Owner
Brian Callaway
as Passenger
Denise Bessette
as Therapist
Raoul Rizik
as Parade Goer
Mike Contessa
as Sketch Guy
Dave Mandel
as Himself
Ruth Cohen
as Ruthie
Chip Heller
as Policeman
Jeff Johnson
as Criminal
Jon Hayman
as The Bubble Boy
Peter Blood
as Jay Crespi
Tony Carlin
as Coworker
Steve Carlson
as Capt. Maddox
Ed O'Ross
as Det. Blake
Myra Turley
as Forewoman
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