The Revenge


Episode Info

Revenge is in the air for the entire Seinfeld gang in this second-season episode. First, George and Elaine decide to hatch a plan to get back at George's boss for not rehiring him after he quit when he was demoted to using the regular bathroom. Meanwhile, Jerry and Kramer come up with a scheme involving a washing machine full of cement after Jerry suspects the launderer of stealing 1,500 dollars from him. Viewers may want to note that this episode features the first appearance of the character Newman, who is only heard over the phone. Originally the voice was that of co-creator/writer Larry David, but after Wayne Knight took on the role, the scenes were redone with his voice for reruns of the episode. Originally airing April 18, 1991, "The Revenge" as the 12th episode shot for the second season, despite being the seventh one shown.


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