The Pen


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A pen designed for use in outer space is at the center of this episode, which finds Jerry and Elaine in Florida, where Morty Seinfeld is being given an award. After a fuss is created when Jerry accepts the pen as a gift, Elaine adds to the pandemonium when she takes some very strong muscle relaxers to relieve the back pain that resulted from sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa-bed. Barney Martin and Liz Sheridan guest star as Jerry's parents. Viewers may wish to note that this is the only episode in the show's history to not feature an appearance by Jason Alexander's character, George Costanza. In addition, only this and "The Chinese Restaurant" are void of Michael Richards' Cosmo Kramer. Originally airing October 2, 1991, "The Pen" was actually the fifth episode taped for the third season, despite being shown third.


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