The Nonfat Yogurt


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When Kramer invests in a non-fat frozen yogurt shop, Jerry likes the stuff so much he blurts out the F-word in front of a friend's young son, who, in turn, begins to use the word incessantly. But the yogurt may be too good to be true when Jerry and Elaine report that they've been gaining weight. Fearing he's made a bad investment, Kramer takes the yogurt to be tested in a lab, where he begins an affair with one of the scientists. Maryedith Burrell, Peter Keleghan, and John Christian Graas guest star and New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appears uncredited as himself. Originally airing November 4, 1993, "The Non-Fat Yogurt" was the eighth episode shot for the show's fifth season, despite being the seventh one shown.


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