Scott Tenorman Must Die


Episode Info

This episode of South Park involves an irreverent, slightly disturbing tale of revenge. After high-schooler Scott Tenorman repeatedly humiliates Cartman (usually in ways that involve pubic hair), Eric hatches an elaborate plan, involving chili, to humiliate Scott in front of his favorite rock band Radiohead (who, in the tradition of Korn, actually perform their own voice work in the episode). Not for the easily disgusted, "Scott Tenorman Must Die" first aired July 11, 2001. Although it was the fourth episode to air during the show's fifth season, it was actually the first to be produced.


Matt Stone
as Kyle/Kenny
Trey Parker
as Stan/Cartman/Mr. Garrison/Timmy
Mary Kay Bergman
as Principal Victoria/Liane/Sharon/Sheila/Nurse Gollum

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