Have You Seen This Snail?


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SpongeBob neglects to feed Gary because he's too wrapped up in completing a paddleball challenge. In fact, SpongeBob is so distracted that it takes him more than a week to notice a tired, hungry and sad Gary has run away to the city, where a grandmotherly woman (voice of Amy Poehler) offers the stray snail shelter, deviled eggs and fresh-baked cookies.


Tom Kenny
as SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary
Rodger Bumpass
as Squidward Tentacles
Clancy Brown
as Mr. Krabs
Dee Bradley Baker
as Snail No. 1/Snail No. 3/Gary's Stomach/Fish No. 2
Jim Talley
as Customer/Tammy
Bill Fagerbakke
as Patrick Star
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