Trials and Tribble-ations


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First telecast November 4, 1996, this Deep Space Nine episode was a harkback to the classic 1967 Star Trek installment "The Trouble with Tribbles." Charlie Brill, a holdover from the original episode, reprises his role as renegade Klingon agent Arne Darvin, who sets the plot in motion by hurtling the Defiant and its crew some 105 years into the past. Upon getting their bearings, the crew finds themselves on board the original Enterprise, where they come face to face with James T. Kirk, not to mention thousands and thousands of those pesky and prolific Tribbles, one of which has been booby-trapped. "Trials and Tribble-ations" was scripted by Ronald D. Moore and Rene Echevarria from a story by Ira Steven Behr and Hans Beimler.


Avery Brooks
as Cdr. Sisko
Jack Blessing
as Dulmur
James W. Jansen
as Lucsly
Charlie Brill
as Renegade Klingon
Leslie Ackerman
as Waitress
William Shatner
as James T. Kirk
DeForest Kelley
as Leonard "Bones" McCoy
James Doohan
as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
Walter Koenig
as Pavel Chekov
Stanley Adams
as Cyrano Jones
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